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10 Pinoy Songs That You Can’t Miss In Your Christmas Playlist

10 Pinoy Songs That You Can’t Miss In Your Christmas Playlist


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Christmas is going to be a lot more different this year but the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines will never change. Filipinos, being an innate music lover, has a unique taste that embraces the relative culture of Western countries which has taken roots in different genres from classical to pop music.

Here is a list starting from the sweetest and most-awaited, down to relatable and timeless long-distance relationship (LDR) soundtracks:

1. “Christmas Bonus” by Aegis

Guess nobody wants to go home without receiving their most anticipated 13th-month pay and other extra bonuses during the year. This must be the best Christmas song that pushes the working classes to click add-to-cart because they deserve to revel in their hard-earned gains with their family.

2. “Christmas in Our Hearts” by Jose Mari Chan and Liza Chan

Jose Mari Chan is perhaps the only person who’s known to be an sign of Christmas in the country. Many would have said that when Jose Mari’s song starts to play on the radio and becomes the music of many advertisements, it is an indicator that the holidays are fast-approaching. “Christmas in Our Hearts” is a reminder of God’s love, and in return, to love one another, which is the true essence of Yuletide season.

3. “Kumukutikutitap” by Ryan Cayabyab

Christmas is the most colorful and festive occasion in the world, hence the lyrics of the song describing how adding ornaments, gifts, and sweets on Christmas trees add sparkle to most parts of every childhood memory.

4. “Namamasko Po” by Willie Revillame

Nineties kids can relate to how fun it is to roam around your neighbor’s street and bring customized “de latang tambol” and tambourine made of bottle caps. This composition imitates a kid’s personality of being experimental and audacious. Nothing beats the old days.

5. “Noche Buena” by Marco Sison

This song sums up the entire family’s interaction during Christmas preparations. The meaning may have a counterpart in Spanish as “good night”, but in the Philippines, it is the night to celebrate Christmas in advance.

6. “Mano Po, Ninong” by Pilita Corrales

Who could forget to honor their godparents during Christmas? “Mano Po” is a Filipino tradition of bowing to the hands of the elderly as a sign of respect. In return, godparents will answer their godchildren with a gift — that’s just how it works.

7. “Wish Ko Sa Pasko” by Sexbomb Girls

Who doesn’t have a wish this Christmas? Well, of course, we all do. This song is for those who are madly waiting for the love of their life to actually have the guts to initiate courtship. Sexbomb Girls were known for their seducing and captivating musical style. The lyrics of the song are naturally engaging, taking a spot as one of the premier Christmas songs in the country.

8. “Pasko Na Sinta Ko” by Gary Valenciano

Christmas in the Philippines is not merely a celebration but also a time for longing and mourning because this season is incomplete without a significant other. This song is dramatically composed and the lyrics were arranged to work perfectly for long-distance relationships.

9. “Miss Kita Kung Christmas” by Sharon Cuneta version

“Miss Kita Kung Christmas” is for romantically missing someone who actually has someone else. This became popular because the lyrics are relatable enough to reignite a person’s feelings for his/her love.

10. “Sana Ngayong Pasko” by Ariel Rivera

“Kahit wala ka na, nangangarap at umaasa pa rin ako,” this sounds as hopeless romantic as it can be, but many can relate. In a world full of pokmarus, there will be one who’s braver to wait. Although waiting is one of the most difficult parts in a relationship, this Filipino romantic song ideally shows persistence -wishing to rekindle the long-lost affection to his loved ones during Christmas time.

Photo Credit: Jose Mari Chan

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