Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Manila Startup Ecosystem Now Stands At USD6.4 Billion

According to the 2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Manila's startup ecosystem continues to thrive.

Philippines Secures PHP24.5 Billion Loan From Japan To Buy 5 Maritime Vessels

New maritime vessels for PCG: Philippines-Japan agreement strengthens maritime security.

Affirmation Of Philippines ‘BBB’ Rating Signals Medium-Term Growth Momentum

The Philippines continues to shine in the global arena! Fitch Ratings keeps our credit rating strong at 'BBB'.

Philippines, France Sign Accord On Financial, Development Cooperation

Witnessing the signing of a significant agreement between the Philippines and France for mutual growth and progress.

International Monetary Fund: Philippine Economy To Grow 6% In 2024

An International Monetary Fund official highlights the resilience of the Philippine economy, with growth expected to hit 6% in 2024.

Philippines Seeks IPEF Technical Assistance To Improve Campaign Vs. Corruption

The Fair Economy Agreement signals a new era of integrity and transparency in the Philippines.

Indian Electric Vehicle Firm Eyes Replacing Aging Philippine Jeepneys

India-Philippines trade in technological goods has seen growth, with Urban Sphere's entry signaling further collaboration in the transportation sector.

DMW, DA To Help OFWs, Families Venture Into Agribusiness

The DMW and DA are working together to provide agribusiness opportunities for returning OFWs and their families.

PSA: Employment Rate Up To 96% In April 2024

The Philippine Statistics Authority reports a soaring 96 percent employment rate in April, showcasing a thriving job market.

BSP Raises Term Deposit Facility Volume Offering

BSP's strategic move to raise TDF volume to PHP290 billion. Keep an eye on the Philippines' economic landscape.

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