Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Legazpi’s Ibalong Festival Back After 3 Years

After three years of waiting, the Ibalong Festival is back with a bang! Get ready for an explosion of culture, music, and fun in Legazpi City.

Centro De Turismo Intramuros Elevates Tourist Experience

Experience Manila's history come alive at Centro de Turismo Intramuros - an educational journey for all ages!

Festival To Promote Antique As A Dive Destination

Explore the untouched beauty of Antique's dive sites at the Kruhay Dive Festival.

DOT Stages ‘Treasures of SOX’ Travel, Trade Expo In Manila

Discover the bounties of the Soccsksargen region at the Travel and Trade Expo in Robinsons Place Manila.

Lake Sebu Gets DOT Backing On Docking Facility Development

Big plans ahead for Lake Sebu! Thanks to the Department of Tourism's support for a new docking facility.

Philippine Targets More Inbound, Local Tourists To Soccsksargen

It's time to explore Soccsksargen's rich heritage and breathtaking scenery with the DOT's Philippine Experience Program!

Good News For Filipino Travelers: Taiwan Extends Visa-Free Entry To 2025

Exciting news for Filipino passport holders: Taiwan welcomes you visa-free until 2025!

Independence Day Float Showcases Ilonggos’ Role In Attaining Freedom

Iloilo stands tall as we march in Manila's Independence Day parade! Can't wait to share our history with the nation.

Restaurants Urged To Become Muslim-Friendly

Join the movement! DOT is encouraging restaurants to become Halal certified to cater to our growing Muslim tourist market.

Why Changing Seats On A Flight Might Not Be A Good Idea

Ever thought a simple seat swap could turn into a travel nightmare? This is why you should reconsider changing seats on a flight.