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8 Online Shops Offer Prosperity Basket For Chinese New Year

8 Online Shops Offer Prosperity Basket For Chinese New Year


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Many Filipino families will meet to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and “lucky” fruits are thought to bring good fortune for the following year. Certain fruits, particularly the round ones, are said to represent auspicious things like riches, safety, abundance, and happiness, similar to most Chinese beliefs.

If you’re still looking for some healthy sweets for your Chinese New Year celebration, keep reading for a list of these online shops that are offering prosperity baskets for delivery, some of which even include staples like wine and cheese.

1. Dolce Fruitta MNL


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Although Dolce Frutta does not sell fruit baskets, a fruit box is a close substitute! The Prosperity Fruit Box (PHP1,750) was recently launched by a local community store in preparation for Chinese New Year. Autumn pears, Chilean red cherries, longans, blueberries, pomelos, Korean persimmons, Korean pears, crimson red grapes, Fuji apples, century pears, navel oranges, kiat kiats, and green kiwis are among the fruits in the mix.

Healthy Fruit Pack (PHP1,500) also includes 125 grams of blueberries, two pieces of Fuji apple, envy apple, three pears, one kilogram of red grapes, four kiwis, and three oranges. If you prefer plums, the 500-gram Fun Plum Pack (PHP1,000) has black plums, small plums, red plums, green plums, yellow nectarines, and white nectarines. You can also put together your own fruit gift basket.

2. Happy Fruits

Happy Fruits is offering two distinct fortune baskets. Ponkiat, Fuji apples, oranges, ingot money bar, water tiger lucky charm, and angpao are included in the Prosperity Basket (PHP1,300), while the Golden Fortune Fruit Basket (PHP2,500) includes Vietnamese pomelo, ingot money bar, banana, pineapple, fuji apple, grapes, orange, water tiger lucky charm, water tiger coin bank, and angpao.

Each fruit basket is wrapped in clear plastic, tied with a ribbon, and accompanied by a printed greeting card. You can also make your own customized basket.

3. Fruit Nation PH


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Fruit Nation can supply fresh fruits and vegetables the same day, presented in wicker baskets and in a variety of handpicked assortments. The City’s Basket (PHP1,300) has 12-13 different kinds of fruits, totaling 16-17 pieces; the Nation’s Basket (PHP1,500) contains 19-20 pieces; and the Family’s Basket (PHP1,000) contains 14-15 fruits. Fruits will be based on what is available.

For an extra PHP200, you can add wine or a vitamin pack to your order. Their baskets can even include a personalized card and a Get Well Soon letter.

4. Fruteria


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The prosperity box from Fruteria is available for delivery till January 31. It has eight fortunate round fruits, chocolate coins, tikoy, and angpao, all cost for PHP1,500.

5. The Healthy Fruit Basket PH

The Healthy Fruit Basket offers a wide range of curated fruit baskets (over ten selections) for various consumers, depending on their budget and the types of fruits they choose.

The All I Want (PHP1,800) contains dragon fruits, papayas, apples, oranges, and melons; the Good Buy (PHP1,750) contains green grapes, dark grapes, strawberries, mangoes, and bananas; the Sweet Mix (PHP1,550) contains apples, bananas, oranges, guyabanos, avocados, lemons, and grapes; The Starter Basket (PHP850) contains apples, oranges, lemons, pears, and grapes.

The Healthy Fruit Basket also has a COVID-Ready Basket (PHP1,900) containing apples, bananas, oranges, pears, kiwis, lemons, lanzones, grapes, a package of face masks, alcohol, and vitamins is also available from the Healthy Fruit Basket.

You can also customize your hamper by adding balloons, flowers, cake, champagne, or a free personalized dedication letter. You can also personalize your basket by selecting specific fruits.

6. Fruit Loot PH


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Fruit Loot’s fortune basket has cherries, green apple, red apple, and navel orange, fuji apple, century pear, Korean pear, pomelo, green kiwi, red grapes, longans, persimmon. The cost of each package is PHP 1,600.

7. Fruits and More PH

Fruits and More, a local company, offers four different types of C.AR.E. The C “C-rich” (PHP900) package includes Davao pomelos, pineapples, lemons, oranges, and green kiwis; the A “Antioxidants” (PHP2,000) package includes seedless red grapes, strawberries, blueberries, dark chocolate, and red dragon fruits; the R “Recovery” (PHP750) package includes bananas, papayas, apples, mangos, and pears; and the E “Energize” (PHP1,000) package includes pineapples, pomelos, bananas, papayas, apples, oranges A dedication card might also be included.

They also released the Prosperity Fruit Box (PHP2,222) for Chinese New Year, which includes Hami melons, seedless red grapes, papayas, pomelos, mangos, apples, century pears, persimmons, ponkans, lemons, and green kiwis. Fruits are susceptible to supply and demand.

8. Fruit Corp PH


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If you’re someone who enjoys apples or oranges, they’re also ideal for Chinese New Year because of their circular form, which represents money. Fruit Corp is offering them in a specially designed package that costs PHP 650, prices may change anytime.

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