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10 Exchange Gift Items You Can Buy Below PHP 500

10 Exchange Gift Items You Can Buy Below PHP 500


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Since many people are unable to leave their homes owing to the pandemic, many things spring to mind and try new things, including looking for technologies that people could use to pamper themselves at home since home services and going out is still not advisable.

With this, a plethora of good technologies have sprung up on the internet, and beauty gadgets have altered nearly every part of our self-indulgent routines.

Now, there’s a clever tool to handle practically any cosmetic and joint problem. Regardless of how little your budget is, from acne-fighting light therapy masks to microcurrent devices for smoother, plumper skin and getting your body back in shape and comfort, these are the best pampering gadgets to consider investing in right now.

1. Multi-functional Home Facial Steamer

This new home Facial Steamer is ideal for office employees who frequently stay up late. It allows you to enjoy face spa at home every day. The hot mist face steamer emits a warm mist that has a long-lasting impact.

This face steamer is ideal for all skin types. This steamer may be used to alleviate dry skin, unclog pores, lighten a dark complexion, and make your face more elastic without leaving any fine lines behind. This newly created facial steamer is made of high-quality ABS components that are safe, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

2. Soft Roll Professional Pedicure Foot File

The skin of your feet is said to be 20 times thicker than the rest of your body, so it is beneficial to do “something extra” to improve your appearance. This Soft Roll Professional Pedicure Foot File is uniquely developed with a Micro alumina roller head to rapidly and effectively remove tough, lifeless skin from the foot by exfoliating it with a gentle and safe rolling action that spins 360 degrees. Get stunning feet that look terrific and feel silky smooth and soft in minutes, leaving you with touchable, lovely feet that you’ll want to flaunt. This high-tech pedicure gadget is easy to operate. This could be the next important item of foot care equipment that you should add to your shopping cart right now.

3. Nail Pen Test Polisher With 6 Nail Polisher Heads

This Multifunction Nail Drill Machine comes with 6 various style polishing drill bits to grind, smoothen, and round the edges of your nails. It includes one-touch speed control, so you don’t have to worry about it cutting your entire nails. Now is the time to achieve smooth and flawless cut nails without having to visit your favorite nail grooming service.

4. Peppermint Field Black Inhaler

For those who enjoy smelling pleasant things, this product is for you. The cooling effect of inhaling the peppermint could bring you much-needed relief and at a faster action than anything else. Since we all wear face masks these days, it would be beneficial if we could smell better while using them. Clogged nose and dizziness are quickly relieved with this all-natural remedy. 2ml of calming and aromatic essential oils provide a refreshing and cooling sensation that you can take wherever you go. As with any other essential oil, it can be inhaled or applied to the temples and wrists.

5. Multifunctional Car and Home Pillow Massager

This massage pillow is a revolutionary technology that aids in the reduction of tension and pain, as well as reinvigorating your desire to accomplish more. It can make you feel comfortable and relaxed because it has eight massage rollers that turn in clockwise and counterclockwise motions, and thermal functions. It is designed with a nylon elastic bandage that may be connected to the neck of the car seat. It also comes with automobile lighters that emit heat to keep you warm and comfortable. It comes with power adapters that may be used in cars or at home to position it wherever you like. There’s no need to travel to a massage spa to obtain the treatment you want when you can do it right in your own home.

6. Digital Therapy Machine for Muscle Simulation

A high-tech device that helps regulate blood circulation, relieve muscle discomfort and accelerate metabolism by combining modern science and traditional Chinese meridian. This portable therapeutic equipment is very simple to use and can detect accurate digital pulses in the body. So, to have an acupuncture-like sensation where precise spots of the body are pressed, this must be a wonderful purchase.

7. 8 in 1 Complete Body Massage

At the age of 40, titos and titas are likely to suffer from “panunuot” and “tusok-tusok,” and treating themselves with a full-body massage is hard to do due to busy schedules. So, if you’re seeking a complete set of adult body massages, this is the one for sure. It aligns and balances the organs’ functions, relaxes the muscles, and restores blood flow.

8. Full Body Hammer Massage

Most of our body parts become disabled as a result of our uncomfortable sleep and position. This human hand massager with a U-type head may be applied to various parts of the body to relieve soreness and keep us energized throughout the day.

9. Massage Slipper

So, are you ready to schedule a reflexology massage treatment? No way, because performing this task at home is safer. These acupuncture massage slippers, similar to any other foot spa treatment, can help with everything from headaches to sinus issues by repeatedly manipulating nerve ends.

10. UV Nail Light Machine

If you enjoy doing your own manicures at home, you’ll want to invest in one of these polish-curing UV lamps with low-heat LED lights. This device aids in the creation of a longer-lasting nail paint that is both travel-friendly and simple to use. It can be used on gel or conventional nail polish that is suitable for all types.




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