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Interview Of Sandara’s Sad Story Resurfaced On TikTok

Interview Of Sandara’s Sad Story Resurfaced On TikTok


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It has been 5 years since the iconic K-pop girl group 2NE1 was disbanded yet fans still recall how devastating it was for them and their idol Sandara Park.

Two years ago, during the JTBC Entertainment Channel show called “Talk Road” interviewed the singer about her misfortune of the band. Sandara Park described the disbandment as a “lost in the dark” experience for the host.

The girl group 2NE1 was composed of Sandara, CL as a rapper, Minzy as a dancer, and Park Bom as a singer under YG Entertainment in 2009.

According to the English translation provided by the Korean entertainment JTBC, Sandara Park said, “Many people thought I’m the most popular one in 2NE1 but in reality, I wasn’t that popular.”

“So even after I made my debut, I felt I’m still the radish. And I lost all of my confidence and got cowered. Felt I’m not a necessary member in 2NE1,” she said

When Sandara Park hit her downfall, it was Park Bom who first reminded her how important she was in the group. “Since then I’ve tried to always think positive,” she added.

The host basked a brilliant word and said, “I was thinking only about becoming like chicken too, then I decided, I must become like chicken mu (pickled radish).”

She continued, “The members have different colors, like different parts of fried chicken, so I thought that I’d come to the chicken mu that is refreshing and sweet. I think it’s great to always think positively.”

Sandara being true to herself stands firmly that made one of her fans recall her past life on TikTok. “I was afraid. I didn’t want to be separated from the members. I was also worried about what I could do on my own.”

The singer added, “I hope that each one of us would grow well in our (own) individual paths after 2NE1.” She noted that nothing is permanent and what she had with the group will be forever treasured, “I’ll always keep good memories of 2NE1.”

After the split of 2NE1, Sandara has been flying back and forth in the Philippines to perform a back-to-back project and endorsement and even hosted some reality shows like Pinoy Boy Band Superstar. Despite the painful experience, the singer grows maturely and continues to share her blessing with others.

The South China Morning Post recently reported that the host had donated 30,000 masks to children who have leukemia and cancer in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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