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For All Types Of Vaginas: Reasons Why Every Woman Should Try Menstrual Cup

For All Types Of Vaginas: Reasons Why Every Woman Should Try Menstrual Cup


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Mark the days when women are on their period, everything for them feels so uneasy. Being a woman, you get to know your body type, understand them and get used to any pain brought by vaginal discharge. But besides understanding the female reproductive system, you also need to understand what type of changes you need to adopt during your sticky days.

The menstrual cup has become an alternative to tampons and maxi pads, according to the Research and Market, the world’s largest market research store stated that the Menstrual Cup Market has already reached around $632 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $963 million by 2026, registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2019 to 2026.

If you’ve been wondering whether to hop or not on a menstrual cup bandwagon, then this article will help you understand why bleeding now comes so handy.

Women shouldn’t be left alone about the menstrual product they use because somehow a woman needs one another. Let’s put it in there. Once it’s there, let her be the judge. As you enter the world of menstrual cups, here are the life-changing benefits a woman must have to experience.


Avoid Vaginal Dryness

Remember the horrible feeling when you pull out your tampon? Most complaints about women using pads or tampons have to suffer or exacerbate vaginal dryness because these products absorb all the moisture and necessary flora that leaves the vagina ‘super’ dry. However, this isn’t the only factor that causes the women’s down area to dry. Some are due to hormonal changes, lack of foreplay during sex, or others. Nonetheless, dryness is a temporary thing but if you’re experiencing it more often you must try switching your old habit to changing pads.


Less Frequent Changing

For women, there’s no more convenient than not having to change pads or tampons every two hours that I guess is quite frustrating especially when you’re outside. When you’re using a cup, your changing time would be lesser and might just empty it every 12 hours on regular days or every 8 hours during heavy flow.


It’s Easier To Use Than What You Think

Simply fold, insert, and you’re carefree! When it’s your first time using it, you’ll get a little trouble or the “ick factor” on learning how to insert it. But as many have witnessed that practice makes perfect, I guess one try isn’t enough but when you get used to inserting it properly, its presence will become non-existent and you’ll spend less time doing it.


Fewer Trips To The Store

Only a few people talk about it but it’s more than the word ‘hassle’ when you can sense a woman in a rush to buy pads for her when she’s on her period. With menstrual cups, your 9th time trip to the store would be once a year. Goodbye midnight runs to the convenience store. Now you can sleep tight and disregard the late night rush because you noticed your period just arrived a minute ago.


More Economical

Who doesn’t want to save some money? The average menstruating woman spends approximately PHP 4,000 to PHP 5,000 pads annually (depending on the disposable product brand). By switching to menstrual cups, you can minimize using other multiple vaginal products. So to think of it, a product which cost you less is, in fact, a big help.


No More Embarrassing Odor

This time, you don’t have to worry about the smell wafting out in your every move. Since the fluids aren’t exposed to air as it does with other vaginal products, the vaginal pH and bacteria stay in place so you don’t feel embarrassed down there.


Better Choice For The Environment

This isn’t the foremost reason to switch. However, if you think long-term, choose what’s best for the environment and yourself. One menstrual cup could replace 3-5 years of tampons and maxi pads. The use of menstrual cup helps lessen menstrual products dumped in landfills.

For a positive period experience, you can check out for reusable, sustainable, eco and pocket-friendly menstrual cups.

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