Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bretman Rock Gears Up In His New MTV Reality Show

Bretman Rock Gears Up In His New MTV Reality Show


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“Aloha, bitch!” Bretman Rock proclaimed as he dominated the internet on his new MTV reality show called “MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock,” a series of his life venturing his friends, family, crews, and his business all in Hawaii.

Watch the trailer:

With over 8 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, the 22-year-old internet and beauty influencer shines as he revealed his childhood goal during the trailer that was released on Monday, February 8.

The trailer provides a glimpse of his life in Hawaii hanging out with his co-influencers, sister, and mom, all amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“It feels so wrong but it feels right,” he said in the trailer. Rock is becoming his signature depth as being a content creator as he shows how it was away from all the L.A. downsides and the mainland stuff on his series.

To see what can a Bretman Rock offers to his viewers, you can catch his first four episodes as we listed it below:

Ep. 1 A single Bretman Rock saddles up for a new adventure

Ep. 2 Bretman Rock opens up about his father’s death

Ep. 3 Bretman Rock faces his biggest fear

Ep. 4 it’s Bretman Rock’s party ad he’ll cry if he wants to

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