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9 Local Podcasts That Are Good For Your Mental Health

9 Local Podcasts That Are Good For Your Mental Health


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The older we get, the more we start taking care of our mental health. We make time for a rest day, start exercising and eating healthier, and we try out new hobbies that make us feel good and better about ourselves.

The great thing about self-care is that it doesn’t have to cost much, and support can come from anywhere—even through podcasts! While mental illness is still prevalent, there have been many positive and insightful conversations surrounding the topic such as how to better understand it, how to practice self-love, and even strategies on how to deal with negative feelings and emotions.

Whether you’re seeking mental health advice, finding motivation or simply wanting a break—these local podcasts are here to bring that much needed breather in your day-to-day life.

1. For when you need some self-motivation

• Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca

On this intimate podcast, 23-year old content creator Alec aims to inspire and motivate people who are looking for self-improvement. SmallTalk! is where he shares his thoughts and helpful advice on the different aspects of one’s life—relationships, family, love, business, sports, and mental health—that many of us are looking to improve on.

In his latest podcast, Alec introduces 5 ways to deal with personal insecurities. A key take-away? Stop aiming for perfection and always appreciate your small wins and achievements in life. But Alec doesn’t only talk about personal issues, he also branches off into other themes such as stress-management and on how to build your brand. A perfect podcast for millennials and Gen Zs!

More episodes of SmallTalk! with Alec Cuenca is available on Spotify.

Our recommendation: The Power of Perspective (May 4, 2020)

• The 80 Percent with Fitz Villafuerte

Registered Financial Planner and financial literacy advocate Fitz created his 80 Percent podcast to share smart money habits and tips on how to build the proper mindset to achieve financial success. While the podcast deals with more money-related matters, he also touches on a lot of real-life subjects that deal with bringing focus to those who are confused and encouraging his listeners to adapt a go-getter attitude in life.

His expertise may be on finance but being a man with a lot of real-work and real-life experience, he also offers productivity tips and personal stories that will help inspire people to achieve their goals. In fact, his most recent episode simply discusses on the importance of reading and how valuable the act is on improving one’s self.

Short, light and straight to the point, the 80 percent is available for streaming on Spotify.

Our recommendation: The One Who Succeeds Most in Life (April 2, 2020)

• Hustleshare Podcast with Ronster Baetiong

Sometimes, seeing how other people have overcome their own struggles and challenges can offer a better perspective on how to deal with our own problems. This is what self-made hustler and start-up founder Ronster Baetiong has already achieved with his podcast series. Hustleshare takes listeners on an exciting discussion on how “ordinary” people can take an idea or passion and turn it into a successful business.

For each episode, Ronster invites a special guest—a startup founder, a company CEO or someone with a passion project—to discuss their journey of building their business and brand. Aside from achievements, the show gets personal as the podcast tackles challenges and growing pains that these people have met along the way. The stories on how they have overcome their own set of problems definitely make for good life-lessons and motivations that we listeners can apply to our everyday lives.

HustleShare episodes are available on their website and on majority of social platforms including Spotify.

Our recommendation: Kathleen Yu and Shao Chew – The Hustle Behind Rumarocket (Dec 2 2019)

2. For when you need some friendly advice

• The Eve’s Drop

A good way of dealing with our mental health is by learning to be vulnerable enough to freely talk about it. Take hosts Delamar Arias, Francesca Tobias, and Gelli Victor as examples! Unfiltered and raw, these ladies have definitely been open about a lot of relatable experiences that leave us laughing or crying our hearts out.

The Eve’s Drop centers around real conversations on topics such as womanhood, love, life, mental health, personal growth, relationships—even drama and gossip isn’t left out! And with three very unique, empowered, and witty women leading these talks, the podcast will make you feel right at home as you laugh and learn along with them.

While the episodes are there to simply make your day brighter (as the hosts share), there are a lot of friendly advice and life-lessons throughout the show. If there is one thing The Eve’s Drop has taught us: Don’t be afraid to open up about things you find comfortable, it will leave you feeling lighter and empowered!

You can check out more of their episodes on Spotify.

Our recommendation: Dreams, Goals and Fears (Sep 5, 2019)

• Adulting with Joyce Pring

With the first symptoms of mental illness starting mostly during our young adult years, this podcast definitely sheds light on what it feels like to navigate your 20s. And we’re lucky that we have Joyce Pring to share her experience and expertise!

Joyce takes us on the journey on becoming adults—building a career, getting into relationships, and finding yourself—that can sometimes be challenging and even a little awkward. On her show, she shares personal tips and strategies on how to handle life’s more harder situations and how to make the most of our young adult life.

Refreshing and eye-opening, Adulting with Joyce Pring is the podcast you need when you need a guiding hand to life.

You can listen to more episodes of Adulting with Joyce Pring on Spotify.

Our recommendation: The Fear of Failure and How to Overcome It (June 18, 2020)

3. For when you need to self-reflect

• Walwal Sesh Podcast with Sir Renz, Doc Gia and Vincent

Let Doc. Gia Sison, Sir Renz Argao and Vino Rajay guide you as you try to make sense of your emotions and personal conflicts with Walwal Sesh! Often times, having a professional’s take on subjects such as mental health, sex, relationships, and love can help us reflect and improve on our own issues.

Walwal Sesh doesn’t shy away from hard topics when it comes to relationships and on ourselves. While being relatable and funny, our professionals make sure they share the science and psychology behind such notions to make us better understand what we are going through emotionally.

The Walwal Sesh podcast is available for streaming on Spotify.

Our recommendation: Finding Your Passion and Purpose (Feb 20, 2020)

• Good Mornings with Nicole and Prax

Start your mornings with an open mind and a healthy conversation on life with couple Nicole and Prax as they share their experiences and adventures on life, relationships, and in starting a family.

From advice on self-growth and questions on self-reflection, the podcast is all about celebrating yourself and finding new positive meanings in your everyday life.

Catch Good Mornings with Nicole and Prax episodes on Spotify.

Our recommendation: The Pursuit of Happiness (Feb 9, 2019)

4. For when you want to learn more

• Mental Health Philippines

The best step of coping with mental illness is through learning.

As we try to understand our feelings, the first place we go to is the web or on social media. But in a sea of academic articles and different opinions, it helps to have once source that can answer our queries and help us learn easier.

The Mental Health Philippines’ podcasts aims to educate more Filipinos on mental health and create a space to foster healthy and educated discussions about it. You’ll get to learn more about different mental illnesses and understand that mental illness is manageable, and that people with mental illness can live a full life.

Check out all episodes of Mental Health Philippines on Spotify.

Our recommendation: Definitions: Mental Health and Mental Illness (April 8, 2020)

5. For when you need something light and relaxing

Many of us love sleeping, but when your mind is filled with anxious thoughts, getting that well-deserved shut-eye can be difficult. Luckily, well-known voice actor Inka Magnaye is giving us a little “sleeping pill” through her soothing ASMR-podcast.

On Sleeping Pill with Inka, the actor reads out snippets from classic poems and books to help clear your mind and in turn, relaxing the body to bring some much-needed rest. If you’re looking for something to help you get through the night, this podcast may be the one for you!

Are you ready for your sleeping pill? If yes, check out the podcast on Spotify.

Our recommendation: Night One (May 22, 2020)

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