Saturday, October 16, 2021

10 Types Of Commuters You Most Likely Have Encountered

10 Types Of Commuters You Most Likely Have Encountered


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It is no secret that commuting here in the Philippines is no easy feat. Taking into consideration the hot, humid weather mixed with the outdated and inefficient mass transport system, it definitely feels like going into battle. There is also that other factor… that fellow commuter factor.

Don’t you just find yourself sometimes people-watching while inside public transport? Here are ten types of commuters you most likely have encountered in your commutes. Or maybe you, yourself are guilty of one of these. Don’t worry, I am too.

1. The Platinum Diva

Pinoys love to sing… and sometimes they even bring it on public transportation. Some may be unaware of their “karaoke sesh” and get carried away but hey, let’s admit it, sometimes we can’t really help but belt out that musical note.Mga ayaw paawat, yung totoo guys?

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