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10 Money Lessons That You Can Get From Watching ‘Squid Game’

10 Money Lessons That You Can Get From Watching ‘Squid Game’


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The popular movie series, Squid Game has certainly thrilled every movie enthusiast as it portrays a dark, compelling game of survival. However, this movie series does not only focus on the game itself. It also encapsulates different life lessons that can be practiced and applied in the real world.

Although the story highlighted how players clenched their teeth to secure the million-dollar prize for their large debts, there are lessons about money spending that we could get from watching this movie series.

Here are the Top 10 Money Lessons that you can learn from the Squid Game:

1. Having insurance is important.

Let’s face the reality. Whenever we encounter people urging us to start having our own insurance, we ignore them. However, this movie series slapped us with the real score behind the privilege of having one.

This scene was captured in the 2nd episode of the movie wherein Gi Hun found out that his mother is diabetic however his mother chose to go home due to lack of money to pay the hospital bills. Gi Hun said that the insurance will cover everything but was reminded that he wasn’t able to consistently pay for it.

Insurances are not a burden that will add up to our expenses. Rather, it is an investment that will secure our future.

2. Investments are helpful but risky so, invest wisely.

In contemporary times, people enjoy investing in different companies or organizations that could help them increase the probability of having a huge income. However, income in investments is not stable. You will have to take the risk in order to reach your desired outcome.

Sang Woo, a friend of Gi Hun, said this about investments. “Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.” Meaning, the more your risk in different investments, the higher the possibility of getting a huge income.

Reminder: Invest at your own risk.

3. Gambling is not a shortcut to a stable life.

There’s a misconception about gambling. Whenever we have financial problems, we always resort to gambling. We risk our money into a game that will just put our life at stake.

This movie certainly showed how people become so addicted to gambling and end up with piled debts. They bet everything for an uncertain win. In reality, gambling does not help in our financial needs, instead, it just steals our hard-earned money in just a snap.

Reminder: Choose your battle wisely.

4. Loan shark is not the answer to your unending money problem.

Lending money is like drug addiction. The more you get money from other people, the more you become obsessed with it, without realizing it consumes you, slowly. In the end, tons of debt await outside your doorsteps.

Most of the players in the movie joined the game because they needed to pay all the money, they acquired from loan sharks.

5. Prioritize earning rather than spending.

Spending money is not a problem; however, you must know how to manage your expenses. Know how to be diligent in finding jobs that are available to help suffice your family’s needs.

Just like what happened with Gi Hun and his mom. Instead of using the money that he got from his loan for their expenses and finding a decent job, he, unfortunately, asks for more money for his gambling addiction.

In this movie, we learned how to prioritize things accordingly. If we are struggling with our finances, never sacrifice a little amount of money for your personal gain. Earning money is better than spending the last cent in your pocket.

6. Separate your wants from your needs.

Most of the characters in the Squid Game have different backstories as to why they ended up in the game. However, most of them failed in prioritizing their needs from their wants resulting in a huge debt.

One example of which is Gun Hi. He keeps on spending money for his horse racing gambling, knowing that he has tons of money to pay. Separating your wants from your needs is a basic form of saving money. The more you spend on useless things, the more you end up broke.

Moral of the story: Never spend too much on your wants.

7. Greed makes a man blind.

Squid Game is about survival. In order for you to survive and secure the winning prize, you need to do whatever it takes. However, amid that eagerness to win, we disregard the fact that greed overpowered us, which resulted in unpleasant things happening.

When talking about money, surely, people get excited and pumped up. Squid Game taught us that greed in money will never give us a good and better outcome.

Greed only worsens the situation.

8. Being financially stable is not an overnight success.

No game can solve financial problems. Being able to satisfy the needs of your family, buy your needs and wants, and not having the thought of running from loan sharks, this milestone will never be acquired in just a snap.

Squid Game taught us how to work and strive harder even though the world treats us unfairly and unequally. We should bear in mind that a success story does not come quickly. It is earned by wise and diligent people who know how to handle their finances properly.

9. You deserve your hard-earned money, savor it.

It was close to the end when the old man asked Gi Hun why he hadn’t touched a single cent of his money. The old man said that he deserved to spend that money he earned. Gi Hun deserves to bring back his old life and keep moving forward because he worked hard for it.

In life, there will be times that we deprive ourselves of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime luxury because we prioritize saving. However, we also need to rest from all the struggles we have been through to become stable.

“That money was the reward you got for your luck and hard work. You have the right to use it.”

It is harmless to treat ourselves but in moderation.

10. Money is not everything.

Before we meet the ending of this movie series, Gi Hun asked Il Nam why he purposely did the game. He answered that even with how much money you have, you will still end up having a boring life, in which money can’t suffice.

Squid Game is not just about surviving, it is also about appreciating and seeing beauty in small things. Even if we have tons and piles of money, if we are not happy with our life, it is useless.

Money indeed cannot buy the most precious and priceless thing in the world—happiness.

Aside from the fun-filled and thriller-packed adventure of Squid Game, we learned in the movie the basic morals in life. Even with how tough and rough life is, there will always be a way out from all the chaos we are struggling with. You just have to strive harder in order to meet the finish line.

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