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5 Tree Houses That You Won’t Believe Are Real


5 Tree Houses That You Won’t Believe Are Real


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Birthdays come and go, people and places change, and many things never really stay the same. However, one could argue that the inner child in us, that part of ourselves that was always the most free and most excited about the world, has never really gone away. In adulthood, more people have gotten comfortable “making up for lost time,” indulging in their childhood interests as adults and making the most of the time they have while they still have it.

That goes for these five hotels on this list, which could be described as the “ultimate treehouse fantasy.” These hotels are for healing the inner child in us, for those who never got to experience them while we were young. Well, we’re here now, and there’s no time like the present to take a look at how the dream treehouse we imagined in our heads could actually exist in reality. And boy, they’re just as amazing in real life.

1. Cedar Creek Treehouse

If you really want to extend the limits of what a treehouse can be, why not try staying in this one in Washington, USA? Situated near Mount Rainier National Park, the cabin places you 15 feet high in the air among the evergreens, offering two stories, solar power, and skylights for stargazing at night. Down below, you also have the options of bridges and an observatory if you get bored up above, though I’d personally find that hard to believe.

2. Ariau Amazon Towers

If you’re looking for something a little bit bigger, look no further than the tree-top hotel suspended above the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Right on the bank of the Rio Negro, this structure houses hundreds of tree-top rooms of varying sizes, alongside numerous amenities such as bars, restaurants, heliports, and even swimming pools. Rooms are built right into the mahogany trees and connected by suspended walkways, all the while the lush (and protected) ecosystem of the Amazon surrounds you.

3. Free Spirit Sphere

If you want a more unique tree house experience, this spherical offering in British Columbia, Canada might pique your interest. This tree house rocks with the motion of the canopies it’s suspended from, providing gentle motion while you sleep and go about your business. It’s definitely not for everyone; the amenities it provides are a bit lacking inside the spheres themselves. However, if you’re the type to enjoy roughing it, spend some time here among the trees inside these comfy and quaint little bubbles.

4. Treehotel

If you want to push the boundaries of imaginative tree houses, take a look at one of the various tree houses available here at the Treehotel. This Swedish construction offers a wide array of themed cabins depending on your preference. Take your pick: they’ve got UFOs, disappearing rooms, odd shapes, and gorgeous views. It’s not the most accessible bunch of tree houses, as you’re generally flown in to be escorted to the hotel, but the experience is definitely unbeatable.

5. Tsala Treetop Lodge

Maybe you want the tree house experience but can’t let go of the creature comforts of a regular hotel. With this offering in Mauritius, you don’t need to sacrifice any comfort at all. The rooms are incredibly luxurious for a tree house, while covertly and effectively blending in against one of the most ancient forests in all of Africa. You’ve got your comfortable villas perched high above the forest canopy, with the incredible flora and fauna of the region awaiting you just outside your door.

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