Thursday, July 25, 2024
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5 Signs That It’s You Probably Need To Deactivate Your Social Media

Scrolling through videos and updates from friends is fun. Taking a moment to enjoy life without social media is also fun.

Why You Should Communicate When You Take A Social Media Break

“Communication is the key”, especially when you plan on disappearing online for a little bit.

5 Good Signs To Look Out For In Vacation Friends

Vacations are supposed to be fun and exciting, and these five traits will make sure that everything’s smooth sailing.

Alphabet Cities: Travel To These Interesting Cities From F To J

It’s a new way to travel, one for every letter, now off the next set of letters.

Gen Z In 2024: Some Of The Slang They’ve Been Using Recently

Tired of being confused all the time with your friends springing up brand new words out of the blue? Well, this list is here for you.

Why You Should Try New Hobbies That Don’t Involve Media Consumption

Hobbies are definitely great to have, but make sure that all of your hobbies aren’t entirely just passive.

Why PaperBacks and Hardcovers Are Still Appealing Over Ebooks

In the never ending war of physical vs. digital, the humble book makes some great points why a physical book is still good.

5 Steps To Make WFH Less Stressful And Improve Work-Life Balance

Here’s five ways to lessen that stress from WFH and actually start loving the setup.

5 Upcoming Festivals To Visit This July

You best get a move on or else you don’t wanna miss these five events.

4 Hotels To Check Out If You Want To Experience Jail

Surprisingly, being locked up in one of these four hotels may end up being quite the pleasant experience.

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