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The Art of Filipino-Korean Fusion Cooking


The Art of Filipino-Korean Fusion Cooking


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As Korean culture starts to significantly impact Filipinos’ lives, their cuisine is also being widely enjoyed by many. Korean foods, which were mostly just seen in K-dramas before, are now taking over restaurants and food stalls, bringing people closer to Korea’s flavors.

With the love that Korean cuisine is receiving, there has been an innovation of Filipino-Korean fusion food wherein special flavors, techniques, and culinary traditions from the two countries are showcased by combining their food profiles. These dishes symbolize the creativity that comes from celebrating the heritage of both the Philippines and Korea.

Check out some of these Filipino-Korean fusion foods that are uniquely delicious:


Gaining inspiration from each country’s representative food, Kimchinigang combines the Philippines’ sinigang and Korea’s kimchi, as the name implies. This dish features various ingredients like beef ribs, taro, beef stock, eggplant, sitaw, okra, and tofu to produce a hearty soup that is a classic comfort food. Adding the sour and spicy tastes of kimchi and gochujang (chili paste), the result is a delightful new flavor that is sure to be loved by Filipinos and Koreans alike!

Beef Pares Jjajangmyeon

While the combination of kimchi and sinigang may seem intuitive, the blend of beef pares and jjajangmyeon might be more unexpected. By mixing the savory richness of beef pares with the sweet and sour flavors of jjajangmyeon, this dish provides a unique dining experience made possible by the fusion of Filipino and Korean flavors. Beef Pares Jjajangmyeon features tender chunks of braised beef, boiled in a soy-based sauce, served on top of Korean noodles covered with chunjang (black bean paste). The dish also includes small cabbage and zucchini, offering a delicious balance of nutrients, flavors, and textures.

Chicken Bulgogi Pancit

Upgrade your merienda with friends or family by taking the Filipino flavors of pancit to a different level! Enhance your pancit canton’s goodness with the fiery Korean taste of tender chicken bulgogi. This dish is created using marinated chicken, stir-fried noodles, carrots, napa cabbage, and spring onions to produce an enjoyable flavor that captures the quality of traditional Korean food with a touch of Filipino cuisine’s charm.

Kimchi Giniling Empanadas

Another ingenious dish that makes use of Korea’s iconic kimchi, these delightful empanadas combine the Philippines’ giniling with the bold taste of kimchi. Offering a pleasant balance of textures and flavors, Kimchi Giniling Empanadas are a tasty snack that’s easy to digest. This dish is made with golden, flaky pastry and a savory ground pork filling, perfect when served hot.

Whether you’re a highly-invested foodie or just looking for ways to spice up your daily meals, these dishes will surely provide a pleasant experience for you. Ultimately, these Filipino-Korean fusion dishes also serve as a testament to the creativity that comes with having a passion for both cultures.

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