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Teacher From Samar Went Viral After Taking Care Of Her Student’s Baby During A Test


Teacher From Samar Went Viral After Taking Care Of Her Student’s Baby During A Test

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Showing compassion to her students, a teacher from Samar proved that educators serve as the second mothers of children as she took care of her student’s baby while taking seatwork.

On September 13, Crescencio Martires Doma Jr. posted photos of her sister on his Facebook page, showing how proud he was as a former teacher and seeing her sibling take good care of her students.

In the said Facebook post, Crescencio showed a photo of her sister Rosalyn Doma carrying one of her students’ child while she took a test that was captured by her other students. Rosalyn is a teacher at Allen National High School, a senior high school in Northern Samar.

According to Crescencio, he was proud of her sister for not discriminating against her student for having a baby at an early age but instead helping her to take care of her child while finishing her school duties.

“The baby fell asleep in the middle of the class, and her mother could not do her seat work while carrying the baby. So, my sister offered to carry the baby while doing her regular classroom routine so her mother could continue with her class tasks,” he captioned.

Crescencio could not help but appreciate this initiative from his sister, showing “the mother in a teacher” figure. “It could not just be my sister. Other teachers may have done this too in similar situations, though there were just no cameras to capture those moments,” he said.

With this action from Rosalyn, a lot of netizens stated their positive comments on the said post, mentioning the dedication of the teacher to helping her students.

“Such a lovely scenario and a noble act. Teaching is not merely imparting knowledge to students but leading and showing compassionate acts towards fellowmen. The world needs people like her to spread the love. Kudos to all compassionate mentors,” a netizen said.

Rosalyn and Crescencio were disclosed to come from a family of educators, as their mother also used to teach students when they were young in a public school.

This has shown how compassion and kindness run in their family, noting that they already witnessed their mother’s love as a teacher at a young age.

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