Thursday, July 25, 2024

Senator Tolentino Pushes For Nutritious Meals For Learners


Senator Tolentino Pushes For Nutritious Meals For Learners


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Responding to reports about the alarming number of Filipino children who are undernourished, stunted, and obese, Senate Majority Leader Francis ‘Tol’ Tolentino is pushing for a ‘smart intervention’ in the basic school system by providing healthy and nutritious snacks to young learners during recess.

The senator raised the proposal on Wednesday (July 10) during his radio program, ‘Usapang Tol’ on DWIZ, in an interview with nutritionist Jasmine Tandingan of the National Nutrition Council (NNC).

Tolentino pointed out that recess presents a perfect opportunity to introduce and hook young learners on healthy and nutritious meals.

This would also encourage them to avoid unhealthy snacks, such as junk food and sugary drinks, which he noted are readily accessible in the vicinity of schools.

“I am referring to nutritious food that is Filipino made. This can help our learners, not just by improving their health and wellbeing, but also their capacity to absorb their lessons and learn more effectively,” Tolentino explained.

Tandingan agreed with the senator, saying that the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has developed food technologies that could be used to produce snacks that are fortified with nutrients.

“These technologies can be adopted by local food manufacturers, and with support coming from the government, locally produced healthy snacks can be offered to our learners during recess,” she added.

July is designated as Nutrition Month in accordance with Presidential Decree 491, which also mandates the NNC to lead the government’s information campaign to promote healthy food and nutrition.