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NEDA, BSP Chiefs Count On DAP To Shape Government Innovation


NEDA, BSP Chiefs Count On DAP To Shape Government Innovation


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National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said he is hopeful that the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) will continue to help government agencies foster public service innovation.

“We hope to see that DAP continue its work in helping government agencies to perform their functions more efficiently through interventions in process and systems development,” Balisacan, who is also DAP Board of Trustees chair, said during the institution’s stakeholders appreciation dinner in celebration of its 51st anniversary held late Friday in Quezon City.

Balisacan acknowledged DAP for being a capable institution that earned recognition as a capacity builder and catalyst.

“As we celebrate the academy’s 51st anniversary we also celebrate the significant strides we have made along our journey,” he said.

The NEDA chief said one pivotal moment was the attachment of the DAP to the NEDA through Executive Order No. 45 in 2023.

“This was not mere bureaucratic adjustment. At the core of this significant realignment, we sought to bolster the DAP’s three vital mandates as it performs its function and aligns its effort with our national development strategies,” he said.

One of these is DAP’s role as a think tank, generating pioneering ideas on technologies to address development challenges in local and international font.

Balisacan said NEDA also aims to boost DAP’s role as a capacity builder, capacitating individuals and development stakeholder organizations in both the public and private sectors to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness in our collective agendas

“And lastly the DAP’s responsibility to promote partnerships and facilitate the seamless integration of policies aligning with our commitment to wholistic development and harmonization with the government’s plan and projects,” he said.

” Looking ahead, we aspire for the DAP to remain at the forefront of public sector innovation and for the institution to consistently lead the change or the charge in fostering inclusion,” Balisacan added.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Eli Remolona Jr. also acknowledged DAP’s contribution.

In his speech, Remolona said he is banking on DAP to help government agencies tackle current challenges.

“Filipinos in the public and development sectors face myriad challenges, agricultural productivity, competitiveness in manufacturing supply chains, educational standards and outcomes, financial inclusion and financial health, the health care system, our connectivity infrastructure, extreme poverty in some areas, and our special vulnerability to climate change,” Remolona said.

“These are challenges we have faced for many years now. Our old approaches have not seemed to work. Clearly, we need innovation to tackle them. We need the DAP to help tackle them,” he added.

For its part, DAP vowed to continue its mission to shape new government policies, drive innovation, and foster excellence in leadership and management.

“DAP pledges to continue its efforts in advancing public sector innovation, navigating challenges, and seizing opportunities for growth to build a brighter future for the nation and its people,” it said in a statement over the weekend. (PNA)