Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iloilo City Charts Strategic Roadmap To Sustain Development

Iloilo City Charts Strategic Roadmap To Sustain Development

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The city government here launched its newest roadmap to ensure the sustainability of the Welfare, Health, Education, Environment, Livelihood and Sustainability (WHEELS) program.

The RISE, Iloilo City Strategy Roadmap: 2028 logo was unveiled during Monday’s flag-raising ceremony led by Mayor Jerry Treñas.

Treñas said it is the initiative of the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion Office (LEDIPO) that gathered and put together the initiatives of the city government with the help of its department heads and chiefs of offices for an integrated approach in pushing for the development of the city.

“The development does not stop with us leveling up. We aim to continue going up, that is why we have come up with RISE, Iloilo City. RISE is the acronym of the core pillars of the Iloilo City strategic roadmap,” LEDIPO head Velma Jane Lao said on Tuesday.

R is for Responsive and Inclusive Human Development, I for Innovative Economic Development, S for Sustainable Environment, and E for Essential Resilient Infrastructure.

The R in the logo reflects the two hands reaching out, a representation of the involvement of all stakeholders to improve the quality of life of citizens through the expansion of social services.

The screw-like elements inside the letter I symbolize the continuous development of the city in terms of the economy, while the arrows in S are from a recycling symbol, representing how the circle of “waste life” works.

“This, as the city is committed to implementing eco-friendly practices by promoting renewable energy sources, creating green spaces, stabilizing waste management system, and raising environmental awareness,” she said.

The letter E looks like a building, representing the aim of the city to build liveable and sustainable green communities through accessible and resilient infrastructure.

“The arrow pointing upward with ‘Iloilo City’ inside it represents the Strategic Roadmap of the City Government of Iloilo, stating all the goals, desired outcomes, and steps we will take to be among the Top 3 Most Competitive Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines by 2028,” Lao added.

The city also uses the tagline “Sustaining WHEELS” because it does not replace the WHEELS project but ensures its continuity. (PNA)