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Award-Winning Pinay Nurse To Start A Foundation In The UK, Accepting More Filipino Nurses


Award-Winning Pinay Nurse To Start A Foundation In The UK, Accepting More Filipino Nurses

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After her recognition as the first nurse to administer the first COVID-19 vaccine shot in the United Kingdom, Filipino healthcare employee May Parsons continued her goal to help in the medical field, as she will soon launch a foundation for Filipino nurses.

On August 9, based on an interview with Nursing Times, it was disclosed that Nurse Parsons will start a foundation that will cater to Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom.

The charity of the Filipina nurse will be named the May Parsons Foundation,’ which has the main goal of supporting Filipino nurses working in the United Kingdom. Through this foundation, Parson wanted to showcase the skills of Filipinos in the fields of medicine and nursing.

This will somehow address the job mismatch of Filipinos who graduated nursing in the Philippines but were not able to find a job that was related to their finished degree. Parson also disclosed to the international media platform that she wanted to give a chance to those Filipino-trained nurses who are in non-registered positions because of their educational standing in the United Kingdom.

“There are a lot of cases where only the husband or wife has gotten their visa, while the other has not qualified yet, and so the other comes as a dependent. […] They might be a qualified nurse in the Philippines, but not in the UK,” Parson said in an interview with Nursing Times.

Parson raised the flag of the Philippines in the United Kingdom when she received the George Medal in July 2022 because of her dedication to medical healthcare and giving the first COVID-19 vaccination outside of the public trial.

Her passion for serving patients as a nurse was not only seen in this achievement, as she also worked as an associate chief nurse director for governance risk and compliance in the United Kingdom.

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