Thursday, June 13, 2024

1K Mangrove Propagules Planted In Ilocos Norte’s Coastal Village


1K Mangrove Propagules Planted In Ilocos Norte’s Coastal Village


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At least 1,000 mangrove buds (propagules) were planted in the coastline of Davila in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte on Thursday as part of the continuing environment month celebration.

Pollution control officer Joegie Jimenez said the provincial government, through its environment office, initiated the mangrove-planting to support the government’s Expanded National Greening Program while inspiring more people to become stewards of nature.

About 150 participants, led by Ilocos Norte Vice Governor Cecilia Araneta Marcos, joined the activity, with partners from the Energy Development Corporation, local government of Pasuquin, Barangay Ranger Officers and the Community Environment and Natural Resources in Bangui.

During the event, Jimenez urged the participating sectors to do their share in advocating for environmental justice, and to contribute to a world in which nature thrives for the future generations to reap its benefits.

“Let us commit to respect and safeguard the environment, to celebrate its beauty and diversity, and live in harmony with all living things,” Jimenez said, as he enjoined the participants to lessen carbon footprint, conserve resources, and reduce waste.

Various local government units here, in partnership with the private sector and non-government organizations, have been spearheading tree planting activities of indigenous species in the mountains and in the coastal areas.

Jimenez said there is a need to rehabilitate the coastal area since some of the previously planted mangrove saplings have been swept by water while others are now thriving and providing habitat for diverse marine life, reducing erosion and absorbing impacts of weather disturbances.

Davila village has the biggest mangrove area covering around 200 hectares.

Environment experts said mangroves serve as life support systems to about 75 percent of fish species in the area, crustaceans, and wildlife.

If undisturbed, mangroves can live up to 100 years and the more they mature, the more they help the marine ecological system. (PNA)