Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Batangas Fashion Industry Eyes Broader Market

Discover the beauty of Batangas' indigenous textiles - a true labor of love! 💖

Ilongga Beauty Queen Is ‘Turista sa Barangay’ Ambassador

Miss Eco International Philippines 2025 Alexie Mae Brooks will promote Iloilo's “Turista sa Barangay” program. 🌟

Batangas Tourism Office Promotes Traditional Textile Industry

Embrace the richness of Batangas culture! PTCAO champions the artisans shaping our textile heritage. 🌿

DOT Welcomes Downgrading Of United States Travel Alert In 4 Mindanao Areas

Ready, set, explore! With the US lowering travel alerts, Mindanao beckons with its rich landscapes and warm hospitality. 🌄

Wild Ducks’ Population Rising In Leyte’s Mahagnao Park

There is a surprising increase in wild ducks at MVNP! 🦆

Bolinao Town Records 333K Tourist Arrivals From January To April 2024

More people are discovering Bolinao's magic! Tourist arrivals hit 333,688 this year. 🏝️

Boracay As Next Go-To Dive Spot; Hyperbaric Center Rising Soon

The DOT broke ground for the new Hyperbaric Chamber Center in Boracay to support diving tourism! 🌴🏗️

Puerto Princesa Tourism Stakeholders Harmonize Promotion Efforts

Community-based sustainable tourism in Puerto Princesa is getting a boost as local groups create their own strategies! 🌺🚤

Second Ibabao Festival Seen To Draw More Tourists To Northern Samar

Dive into the heart of Northern Samar's heritage at the 2nd Ibabao Festival! Get ready for a month filled with excitement and exploration. 🏞️

DOT Looking To Breach 200K Mark For Tourists From United Kingdom

The Philippines welcomes UK visitors with open hearts and breathtaking sights! 🌄

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