Sunday, September 24, 2023
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COMS360 Opens ‘The Reach Project’, Supporting Bloggers With Online Media

To further support bloggers in creating effective online media, COMS360 launched ‘The Reach Project,’ training content creators with their platforms.

COMS360 Launches ‘Ways To Bounce Back’, Encouraging Filipinos To Move Past The Pandemic

Join the campaign and help each other recover from the pandemic and finish what was left behind.

Vax Doses Administered In Taguig Top 1M

Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano announced that his city government has already administered over a million Covid-19 vaccines as of September 7, the fourth city to hit the 1M mark in terms of administered Covid-19 jabs.

Special Passport Appointment System For Active OFWs Launched

Active overseas Filipino workers' passport applicants can now book an appointment in Ortigas.

IATF Execs Recall Challenges In Sourcing PPE At Start Of Pandemic

How does the demand for the Covid-19 protective gears affect the alleged overpriced face masks and other personal protective equipment bought by the government?

Going Far And Wide: Philippine Public Transportation In The New Normal

Learn how transit-oriented developments can become a viable, long-term solution in solving public transport woes in the country.

What To Look For In A Future-Proof Home

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s the value of making sure that your home is a truly comfortable...

Investing During Pandemic – What Should You Do?

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic is not only a healthcare crisis but an economic one as well. Many have lost their jobs or...

Medical Experts Recommend Strict Health Protocols For Public Transportation

Medical experts are calling for strict health protocols among commuters to be able to increase the public transport capacity which is currently operating on...

Commuters Call For Increase Of Seating Capacity On Public Utility Vehicles, Urges DOH To Release Data Breakdown To Stop Undue Worry

In cities with a limited number of public transport vehicles plying the road, the commuting sector is asking government to consider increasing jeepney’s seating...

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