Monday, July 4, 2022

Vice President Leni Robredo On International Women’s Day

Vice President Leni Robredo On International Women’s Day


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Today we affirm the strength of women, and celebrate the years of tireless struggle that our foremothers went through so that the women of today have wider pathways to empowerment.

There is much to be proud of: The right to vote, improved economic and political participation, and stronger legislation protecting women’s rights embody a world that has become more gender-equal over the past several generations. Despite these gains however, the road remains long. The realities on the ground paint a picture that remains far from ideal. Cases of domestic violence continue to rise. Under the shadow of the pandemic, reproductive health services have been hampered, and lockdowns have trapped survivors at home with their abusers, with little in terms of a lifeline to the outside world. There are still places in this world where women are denied an education, forced into marriages, and left with no choice but to dream smaller. And even in spheres where women participation has improved, gaps in gender balance at the highest levels of leadership still need to be filled to truly create a more inclusive, holistic climate of change.

Today is a reminder of the imperative: We need to band together to continue the work. We need as many women and allies as possible banging against the glass ceiling and creating spaces where all genders can flourish and contribute to society. Because progress hinges not on the brilliance of a few, but in the sustained united effort of all. So as we honor the victories of those who came before, let us blaze new trails for others to follow. Let us answer the calls to leadership, face the trials of our time with resolve, and strive towards a fairer, kinder, more humane world, where no one is left behind.

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