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Televangelist Eli Soriano Of ‘Ang Dating Daan’ Passed Away

Televangelist Eli Soriano Of ‘Ang Dating Daan’ Passed Away


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‘Ang Dating Daan’ multi-awarded preacher, Eliseo “Eli” Soriano died at the age of 73; this was confirmed from the religious official Facebook page on Friday, February 12.

The religious radio, television, and online program ‘Ang Dating Daan’ Facebook page run by Bro. Eli Soriano and Daniel Razon released an official statement saying, “It is with deep sadness, yet with full faith in the Almighty, that we announce the passing of our beloved and one and only Bro. Eliseo “Eli” Soriano – a faithful preacher, brother, father, and grandfather to many.”

Looking back, the religious group said that the humble beginning of the preacher’s journey started in Guagua, Pampanga and his aim to spread the word of God reaches Brazil and other western countries.“ (Bro. Eli) the most sensible preacher of our time has gained international attention,” the group stated.

Bro. Eli Soriano once said, “To be privileged to serve you in Christ, is the greatest opportunity in life.”

With this, the Members Church of God International, Inc. (MCGI) vowed to the public that the programs and projects started and initiated by their preacher will continue.

It was in 1989, Soriano became known when he was first heard over a radio program ‘Ang Dating Daan’ aired on several local radio stations in the Philippines. By seeing the effectiveness in propagating the word of God, Soriano decided to use television via IBC-13.

Due to some conflicts, Soriano’s program was shattered and canceled by the network that resulted in his program moving from one channel to another.

Finally in 2004, Soriano’s program “Ang Dating Daan,” “Truth in Focus,” and “Itanong mo Kay Soriano” found UNTV 37 as its permanent broadcasting station. With the advent of the digital age, Soriano also uses Facebook and YouTube to spread the doctrines and the good news of salvation.

Then the religious arena continues to grow after his time. Despite his fame and stature, MCGI posted on their website about Soriano said, “Unlike other preachers, Bro. Eli never, and will never, make religion and the word of God a kind of commodity or business. He remains to be a humble and faithful servant of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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