Monday, July 4, 2022
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BDJ Fulfills Its Dreampowerment Goal: 15 Million Sqm Of Virgin Rainforests Saved

CLAP CLAP! Belle de Jour (BDJ) was able to donate a portion of its Power Planner sales to the Centre for Sustainability (CS) and save 15 Million m2 of Philippine virgin rainforests and all the wildlife in it.

BDJ Celebrates 15 Years Of Empowering Women To Achieve Their Dreams

Turn your dreams into reality this 2021 with these power planners from Belle de Jour!

Quest Journal: Your All-Around Journal

Need a planner that'll match your 2021 goals? Check out the Belle de Jour's power planner!

How To Find Balance Between Work And Personal Life With Journaling

Have you ever heard of the term "mindful writing"?

5 Advantages Of Having A Journal

Did you know that a journal remains useful even during a pandemic? Here are 5 reasons how keeping one can help you:

Journey Through Life Courageously With The 2021 Belle De Jour Power Planner

Enter 2021 with the perfect companion: the 2021 BDJ Planner!

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