Monday, July 4, 2022
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iQiyi Original K-Series Bad And Crazy Primed For Global Launch At Int’l Press Conference

WATCH: iQiyi's year-end heavyweight Original K-drama series Bad and Crazy took center stage in a global press conference starring leads.

Bad And Crazy Debuts December 17 On iQiyi And

WATCH: Make a date with these beloved Korean dashing duo for an exciting life that finds its way into chaos.

Jirisan Nears Its Peak With Last Two Episodes On iQiyi And On December 11 And 12

WATCH: Jirisin's last two episodes will surely leave you the most gripping parts.

iQiyi Original K-Series Bad And Crazy Main Trailer Debut

WATCH: Meet the righteous but crazy ‘K' at the latest iQiyi Original K-drama series, “Bad and Crazy”.

Bad And Crazy Reveals Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Jun’s Intense Ride And Fight Scenes

WATCH: iQiyi is set to close 2021 on a high with its latest heavyweight Original Korean drama series Bad and Crazy,

Philippine Mountains To Explore Inspired By iQiyi’s Adventure K-Drama “Jirisan”

Here are the top 5 mountains to visit in the Philippines if you want to see a variety of peaks with dramatic vistas like in the Jirisin film.

IDOL: The Coup Follows A Female Idol Group’s Journey To Break-Up

Cotton Candy is a fictional female group made up of four real-life K-pop artists who sobbed actual tears during their press conference, expressing empathy for their characters.

iQiyi K-series Let Me Be Your Knight Premieres Exclusively On November 7th

WATCH: Let Me Be Your Knight, a K-series from iQiyi, tells the behind-the-scenes stories of boy bands.

iQiyi’s K-Drama “Happiness” Is Park Hyung-sik’s First Show After Military Discharge

WATCH: This new K-drama "Happiness" will take its place in a time when infectious diseases are the new normal.

iQiyi Original K-series Jirisan Reveals Gianna Jun & Ju Ji-hoon’s ‘Signal’ Rescues

WATCH: Packed with mysteries, the latest episodes of Jirisan saw a number of climbers poisoned after they drank tainted beverages.

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