Monday, July 4, 2022
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Haribon Foundation

Why We Need To Pass The SFM Act Now

Here’s how the Sustainable Forest Management Act help the Philippines’ forest cover.

Climate Justice In An Era Of Emergencies

What can the Philippines to adapt to the changing threats brought about by climate-related hazards?

Mimi Of The Mamanwa-Manobo Tribe

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mimi and her family persist to protect the forests that they also call home.

#PresentsForTheFuture: A Gift For The Next Generation

Donations to Haribon Foundation’s #PresentsForTheFuture will be dedicated to tree planting activities and educational kits for the children of the organization's partner farmer communities.

Where Do Infectious Diseases Emerge?

As recent studies suggest that BtCov or Bat coronaviruses has a widespread distribution and diversity in the Philippines, it's high time we ask if our country could be the next source of infectious diseases.

#1Planet1Right: A Global Call For A New Human Right – A Healthy Environment

Haribon Foundation joins the BirdLife partnership in a demand that the United Nations recognize a new human right: the right to a healthy natural environment.

Alpabeto Ng Kalikasan: The ABCs Of Philippine Biodiversity

To introduce a fun and simple way to promote the country's biodiversity, Haribon Foundation's Anya Santos-Uy launches Alpabeto ng Kalikasan, an alphabet book that highlights Proudly Pinoy plants and animals.

Are Bats To Blame For The Coronavirus?

A study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that 96% of the coronavirus genome spreading around the world today was identical to another coronavirus found in bats.

Degraded Forests, Then And Now

Through restoration campaigns such as Forest for Life Movement, Haribon Foundation and its volunteers hopes to bring back the country’s lush forests using native tree species.

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