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Simple But Creative Hacks To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home This Dengue Season

Simple But Creative Hacks To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home This Dengue Season


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The rainy season doesn’t only bring cold air and damp soil; it’s also the time for some unwanted guests to become active—mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are most active in the Philippines during the rainy season, from May to November. They thrive in the damp, balmy weather and on the lakes, ponds, marshes, and stagnant water left in open containers.

These pesky mosquitoes can suck blood, leaving your skin swollen and irritated. But, itchy skin is the least of your concern. Some mosquitoes carry serious diseases, some even deadly, like malaria and dengue. You won’t know you’ve contracted the virus until you’re already down with the symptoms.

Learning how to control and drive away mosquitoes from your house is essential to protecting yourself and your family. As a homeowner, you should be proactive about dealing with these bloodsuckers that can cause problems. Besides stocking up on bug sprays and other insecticides, you can also design your home to drive away mosquitoes without compromising the health of the people around you.

1. Build your garden

If you don’t have any plans yet, this is the right time to focus on your garden. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your backyard or on your apartment balcony, as long as you can utilize that space to grow some plants. We are not just talking about sunflowers and roses. Fill your garden with natural mosquito and insect repellent.

Several plants are proven to contain mosquito repellent properties like lavender, citronella or lemon grass, marigold, rosemary, basil, catnip, marigold, and garlic. Some of these plants are an aesthetic addition to your extra space, while others can be used in the kitchen for cooking. These plants are also easy to take care of; some can be planted indoors and in small pots. These plants can give you a natural barrier in your home, and you can use some to create an even more effective repellent by smoking them or extracting their essence for sprays and candles.

However, avoid using containers that can hold too much open water when planning your garden. Some built and add-in decorations in the garden, like fountains, ponds, and mini-houses can store water and attract mosquitos. You don’t want to create another breeding ground, so consult with other garden professionals if you plan to take your planting and landscaping seriously.

2. Light the candles

Who said you couldn’t be romantic while taking care of unwanted flying bloodsuckers in your home? Candles, anyone?

Mosquito repellent candles like citronella and lavender candles are widely available in the market, and you can buy them in different sizes. The scent and smoke from the lit candle drive the mosquitoes away. The good thing is that it smells good and provides more benefits than just repelling mosquitos.

Lavender-scented candles can be soothing and relaxing while relieving anxiety and stress. On the other hand, citronella candles drive mosquitoes and other insects away. Other mosquito repellent candles are a combination of different plants. You can light these candles inside to freshen up the house or light them outside to create a mosquito barrier around your home.

The most important thing to note is that candles are only effective if they are of good quality. Purchase from a trusted store with legit and helpful reviews. If you can’t find one, you can go DIY.

3. Make it windy

It’s nice to have an air conditioner in your house. Most people would love to have that. But do you know that mosquitoes are pretty weak fliers? That’s why most of them are out during the times when it’s not very windy. Air conditioners only release cold air, but if you want to put a solution on those insects feasting on your blood, you have to put up some wind.

Invest some money in buying fans. You can install ceiling fans on your porch or balcony so you can stay there all afternoon and night without worrying about mosquito bites. If an installation is not an option, stand fans are better options because you can carry them anywhere and adjust the trajectory of the wind—though you need to plug them in, so maybe buy an extension cord if needed.

4. Set up netted walls

If you or your family loves staying outdoors for a little barbeque party or just some family time, you might want to install some netted walls to help keep bugs and insects away. You can install these mosquito nets on your balcony, patio, garden tents, and gazebo. These nettings are easy to install and are surprisingly stylish. Big mosquito nets are available in different shops, and you can opt to have them permanently installed or removable.

Mosquito nets are not only for outdoors. Before they were used for outdoor parties, these nettings were used by people to cover their beds. You can still do it now. You can install nettings on your bed that are easy to slide in during bedtime and push back in the morning.

Nets are adequate to keep mosquitos out, but you can also have them treated with insecticides that are safe for humans and animals but lethal for mosquitos.

5. Change your lighting

How about some new lights for your home? Mosquitoes are attracted to lights, especially those produced by LED bulbs. Warm-colored lights like yellow bulbs are less attractive to mosquitos and other pests. The light they give makes it hard for mosquitos to locate their meal, aka your legs and arms.

While changing or installing new light bulbs won’t guarantee to keep mosquitoes away all the time, it can lessen or minimize their presence. Also, yellow bulbs can give off a golden glow, enhancing your indoor and outdoor experience. For added style, you can try hanging yellow string lights on your veranda or outdoor spaces.

These tips and hacks are meant to help you drive those pesky mosquitoes away while making your home look stylish and creative. But for ultimate measures, especially if there are severe infestations in your house, it’s better to have professional help and have your whole house treated. Traditional ways of keeping mosquitos away, like banishing their breeding grounds and spraying treatments, have been tested and proven to help you. Don’t underestimate mosquitoes because they can be dangerous despite their size.

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