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Satisfy Your Pinoy Snack Cravings With Prifood, Now On Shopee!

Satisfy Your Pinoy Snack Cravings With Prifood, Now On Shopee!


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Nothing beats Filipino snacks when it comes to merienda. From corn chips to nacho flavored, everyone has their favorite “chichirya.” While there are many varieties of Filipino snacks, one brand has always delivered the best quality and tastiest ones.

Prifood is a snack food manufacturer in the Philippines that started in the corn chip line and expanded into producing other products like bakery products and other snack chips. Prifood continuously expands its product lines to be able to provide its consumers with the highest quality products at the best value.

If eating is your family’s love language and bonding time, then you’re in for a treat! You can now shop for your kids’ favorite snacks (and yours too) on Shopee and have them delivered to your doorstep!

From June 10-12, you can also enjoy Prifood vouchers and goodies for as low as P23 only on Shopee. Need ideas on which foods you’d love to snack on?

1. Super Delights Brownie Bites

For all those people who have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you. You or your kids will surely enjoy Prifood’s brownies, full of chocolatey and fudgy goodness in every bite! Made with premium chocolate chips and quality ingredients, you get to munch on a moist, chocolatey, and chewy snack. With just the right amount of sweetness, you’ll surely finish a whole bag in no time!

Get yours now at

2. Super Crunch Corn Chips Sweetcorn Flavor

When it comes to snacking “chichirya” at home, everyone knows one is not enough. If you like the sweetcorn flavor, then you should try these Super Crunch Corn Chips. It is crunchy and tasty, with sweet and salty flavors blend well to create one awesome snack!

Get yours in a 5 pack now at

3. Snackers Nachos Cheese Flavor

Prifood’s Nachos are the best crunchy and yummy snack for every occasion, whether it be watching movies at home, hanging out with friends, or going on outdoor activities! It’s everything you need to have a good time alone or with a big friend group.

Get yours now at

4. Super Delights Mini Choco Chip Cookies

Another classic favorite, Super Delights’ mini chocolate chip cookies are the go-to snack that’s crunchy, chocolatey, and filled with premium chocolate chips. You better stock up on these bite sized goodies, perfect for an everyday afternoon snack!

Get yours now at

5. Super Delights Browniescotch

Do you like brownies or butterscotch better? But do you really need to choose one? Two flavors mean double the fun! Expect double the delight with Prifood’s chocolatey and milky-caramel flavors of Browniescotch, made with premium chocolate chips and caramel chips that anyone can’t resist.

Get yours now at

6. Super Crunch Chipcharon

Any Filipino couldn’t resist (and wouldn’t want to really) the oh-so crunchy chicharon. With Prifood’s Special Chip-charon, you can enjoy a delicious and guilt-free snack made of green peas but with the texture and crunch of chicharon! How cool is it, right?

Available in three flavors: Lechon Kawali, Suka’t Sili, and Pinoy Bawang, you can get yours now at’t-Sili-Flavor-32g-(Bundle-of-5)-i.691461418.13079671983.

Is your online shopping cart now full of goodies? Thanks to Shopee, you get to enjoy your favorite snacks without leaving the comfort of your home! With exclusive sales and discounts, checking out on Shopee is definitely rewarding for getting your grocery needs.

To get the best merienda and more high-quality snacks, visit

Vouchers are valid on Prifood Shopee, from June 10-30, 2022, for one-time use only.

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