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Republic Cement Revolutionizes PH Cement Industry Through Data Science, AI

Republic Cement Revolutionizes PH Cement Industry Through Data Science, AI


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Leading construction solutions provider Republic Cement is disrupting the cement industry by using data science and artificial intelligence (DSAI) to cut CO2 emissions and produce stronger and more consistent cement.

In a virtual press briefing held on May 19, 2021, Republic Cement put relevant information in manufacturing cement without the need to comply with the 28-day curing process known as the stringent quality standards. This means the new technology helps the company to fasten its cement production, save time and resources.

Over 60 years as a building material company, Republic Cement has teamed up with the Aboitiz Data Science (ADI) to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for its cement manufacturing operations.

“The application of DSAI in Cement is extremely exciting as it demonstrates that DSAI can be a core differentiator in traditional industries while also allowing them to flourish digitally. This is just the start, our focus is to innovate and systematically operationalize DSAI benefits in areas such as customer engagement, operations, and in materializing ESG [Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance] goals,” said Dr. David R. Hardoon, Aboitiz Data Innovation Managing Director.

As of May 2021, two of Republic’s manufacturing plants are now utilizing the AI tool as part of the overall process strategy, yielding positive results. Improvements on the first deployment are also underway, while expansion to all Republic sites is ongoing.

By the use of data science, the company effectively reduces CO2 emissions while maximizing cement quality and strength. These adjustments, coupled with Republic’s numerous greening initiatives, will also lead to more sustainable operations in the long term.

Republic Cement’s VP for Manufacturing Lloyd Vicente shared “Sustainability and building a greener environment for generations to come remains a top priority at Republic Cement. Through this, we intend to do our part in restoring and preserving our environment while producing the best quality cement for the Filipino consumer.”


What is Republic Cement’s product contribution to the government’s Build, Build, Build Program?

In line with the current administration’s infrastructure push through the Build, Build, Build Program, projects will now be able to commence projects without having to wait for the 28-day strength testing period. Customers are now assured of the cement’s strength immediately upon production thanks to Data Science.

“Republic has and will remain a close partner in building the nation,” said Republic Cement President & CEO Nabil Francis.

“Through the use of DSAI, we intend to translate this efficiency in the process into something that benefits all Filipinos and will encourage Filipino consumers to patronize local cement. It is our intention that, by further assuring consumers of the strength, quality, and consistency of cement that they are buying, that consumer confidence will also rise.” He added.


Republic Cement helps more Filipinos

Republic Cement is currently developing the first batch of data scientists for the Philippine cement industry, tapping more Filipino workers.

“The Filipino is immensely talented and we have great potential in the country because of the resilience, creativity, and talent of its people. Republic Cement remains committed to doing our part in empowering the Filipino on its journey to building a greener and stronger Republic.” Francis said.

“These programs in DSAI are also a great opportunity to develop local talent,” he added.

As to the country works towards its recovery after the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Republic Cement is continuing to deliver services among Filipino builders and encouraging them to buy products produced by the locals than buying the imported ones with the same advanced quality to help gain back the country’s economy.

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