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Ninja Van Philippines Celebrates The People Behind Its Excellent Customer Service

Ninja Van Philippines Celebrates The People Behind Its Excellent Customer Service


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Providing excellent customer experience is a must in any business or industry to foster customer loyalty and create a positive brand image. In logistics, this encompasses the quality of deliveries, the speed of order fulfillment, and good customer service, among others. Tech-enabled express logistics company, Ninja Van Philippines, recognizes that at the heart of all of these are the people who work tirelessly to make sure that every shipper and shopper is happy and satisfied with the service they receive.

Celebrating outstanding members of its Customer Service team, three Operations Assistants share their proudest moments and the challenges they have faced and overcome on the job and in life as they continue to grow with Ninja Van Philippines.


Joy Velonza

A chef by profession, Joy did not initially see herself in the customer service (CS) industry. Before being part of Ninja Van Philippines, she worked in Qatar and the United States of America (USA) for four years. “Being a chef is hard especially when you’re far from your loved ones. After I decided to come back home, I began exploring opportunities in the CS industry since both of my siblings are also in the same field,” she said.

As a newbie, Joy felt a lot of pressure at the beginning but with training and guidance from her managers, she was able to learn the ropes and fulfill her responsibilities as Consignee Support. According to her, one of the most memorable concerns she handled was a lost parcel containing an engagement ring that was supposed to be delivered on Christmas Day.

“I was responsible for the ticket and exhausted all my resources to find the parcel. After everything was resolved, the consignee sent me a picture of his fiancee wearing the ring and thanked me for my help,” she shared.

After a year, Joy was transferred to the Shipper Support Team. The transition was a challenge but just like before, she was able to adapt, thrive, and continue to be one of the best performing Operations Assistants in the team. Joy aims to continue forwarding her career by hopefully landing a managerial role in the company and also venturing into entrepreneurship.


Jessalyn Ducot

Just like Joy, the CS industry was not the first choice for Jessalyn who was originally an auditor. She knew she was not happy with what she’s doing so eventually, she decided to do a career switch. It was in October 2020 when she started working at Ninja Van Philippines as part of the Consignee Support team, eventually increasing her portfolio to include e-commerce clients.

“What I love most about working at Ninja Van is the healthy atmosphere. There is no competition or office politics. My managers and team leaders are also very supportive,” she said.

When it comes to her role as an Operations Assistant in the CS team, she finds the most fulfillment in assisting and resolving clients’ concerns. Despite some being more difficult to handle than others, she remains patient and tries her best to remain calm even if there’s aggression coming from the other line.


CJ Escala

For CJ, landing a position at Ninja Van Philippines after losing her previous job during the onset of the pandemic was really a blessing. “I’m very happy to work at Ninja Van because I enjoy taking on challenges and being creative in resolving issues,” she said. “I also appreciate that I am part of a solid team.”

Working in this industry, however, will always have its set of challenges. CJ cited irate clients who get mad at CS representatives as the most common for her. In order to overcome these, she trains herself to have a stronger mindset, focus on work and not take negative feedback personally. As a result, CJ always ranked gold when it comes to achieving KPIs.

Moving forward, she aims for growth in both her personal life and career. As someone who used to struggle with depression, CJ is looking to continue her healing process with the help of the love she receives from her family and friends, and the fulfillment she gets from working in the company.

Difficult circumstances may have led Joy, Jessalyn and CJ to where they are now in their careers, but it is fortunate that they have found happiness in being able to help provide clients with the best customer experience throughout the entirety of their transactions. Their efforts hold great value to Ninja Van Philippines’ promise of Todo Hustle, No Hassle services, and as the company pushes for a more customer-focused approach, the Customer Service team plays a valuable role in supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their customers across the country through fast and reliable deliveries, innovative services and top notch customer service.

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