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How Ninja Van Philippines Supports SMEs Through Customer-First Approach

How Ninja Van Philippines Supports SMEs Through Customer-First Approach


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In the past two years, the Philippines has experienced a boom in e-commerce and the digital economy as many industries underwent business transformation due to the impacts of the pandemic. This has significantly contributed to the country’s economic recovery and growth, and is projected to further raise in value post-pandemic.

The importance of digital adoption and a more customer-focused approach for businesses in a growing digital economy was highlighted at DIGeCONOMY 2022, the first-ever digital summit held by tech-enabled express logistics company, Ninja Van Philippines. Key speakers and industry leaders from the public and private sectors provided their expertise on operationalizing customer-focused services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their customers.

Ninja Van Philippines executives also gave an in-depth look at how the company is putting more focus on customer needs to provide logistics excellence, customer satisfaction, and a Todo Hustle, No Hassle service that helps SMEs navigate the evolving e-commerce landscape and maximize opportunities from the country’s robust digital economy.


Services that empower SMEs and enhanced customer experience

More than just a logistics provider, Ninja Van Philippines regards itself as a valuable business partner to its customers as it seeks to develop and enable services that empower businesses, and to build an ecosystem that allows for easy access to quality logistics services for everyone.

One of these services is NinjaChat, an AI-powered social messaging platform where customers can track their parcels, get automated delivery notifications, and chat with a live agent regarding their concerns and inquiries anytime and anywhere. Ninja Van Philippines has also established significant partnerships with brands like Ministop and Grab over the years to make their services more accessible to shippers all over the country.

Aside from excellent logistics solutions, it also supports its customers through informative and helpful avenues like the Ninja Blog and Ninja Van Masterclass, and Ninja Direct where it assists sellers with their procurement challenges from supplier sourcing to customs clearance.

Still in line with its customer-centric approach, the company further amplifies customer experience with its Hassle-free Service Resolution where shippers can resolve parcel issues faster and with ease. It has put multiple touchpoints for shippers; increased its response time to just within 24 hours and resolution of non-delivery issues such as refund, damaged items, and pick-ups within 72 hours; and set up email status notifications to notify shippers of every step of the escalation and resolution process.


Ninja Van’s new K-Drama shorts show why deliveries shouldn’t be dramatic

At the DIGeCONOMY 2022, Ninja Van Philippines unveiled two new ads that will definitely get the attention of both fans of Korean dramas and customers who have dealt with delayed or lost parcels before.

Dubbed in Tagalog, the K-Drama short films titled “Undelivered Love” and ”The Missing Promise” show the kind of hassle customers had to go through just to solve their parcel woes and reiterate the importance of choosing a good logistics provider for your delivery needs.

In both films, the protagonists had to “tearfully” deliver a dramatic heartbreak story over the phone, which they took from a guidebook written by K-Drama experts on how to deal with unhelpful customer service just to get the attention and assistance they need for their missing parcels.

Fortunately, there’s no need for any drama when you ship with Ninja Van Philippines! With a wide array of value-adding logistics solutions, hassle-free service resolution, and quality customer service, shippers and shoppers alike are guaranteed a Todo Hustle, No Hassle experience with each delivery.

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