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Hey, Swifties! Taylor Swift Teases New Version Of ‘This Love’ For A New Amazon Series

Hey, Swifties! Taylor Swift Teases New Version Of ‘This Love’ For A New Amazon Series


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American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift announced on Friday, May 6 that she will be dropping a new version of ‘This Love’, a hit song previously released in the singer’s 2014 album called ‘1989’.

The debut of the song hints that 1989 will be Swift’s next re-released album.

Through an Instagram post, Swift previews a clip from an Amazon Prime series trailer while thanking Jenny Han — the author of the book and upcoming series ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’, where the song was pre-released.


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“Thank you @jennyhan for debuting my version of This Love in the trailer for @thesummeriturnedpretty!! I’ve always been so proud of this song and I’m very 🥺🥺🥺 about this turn of events – This Love (Taylor’s Version) comes out tonight at m i d n i g h t!” the singer said via Instagram.

Excerpts of ‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)’ was pre-released through the said film’s teaser. While waiting for the release of the full song, fans can listen to bits of it here:

The song ‘This Love’ talks about what seems to be an on and off relationship between lovers amidst the love burning and growing on them altogether.

The song is a slower, more mellow take in contrast to the other synth-pop songs with quicker beats from her album ‘1989’.

The full version of ‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)’ will be released at 12pm today, Philippine time.


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