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Get This Casual And Chic-Inspired Look From Shin Ha Ri’s Outfits In “Business Proposal”

Get This Casual And Chic-Inspired Look From Shin Ha Ri’s Outfits In “Business Proposal”


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Business Proposal, based on the popular webtoon of the same name, is the latest romantic comedy K-drama taking Netflix by storm.

The story follows a regular office employee, Shin Ha Ri, who goes on a fake blind date — as a stand-in for her rich best friend — with her company’s CEO.

Although filled with cliches and classic tropes, the adorable acting of Kim Sejeong (Shin Ha Ri) has truly captured the viewers’ hearts. Ahn Hyo Seop (Kang Tae Mu) plays the handsome, good-at-everything CEO who falls in love at first sight with the leading lady.

Aside from the lovable casts adored by fans, Shin Ha Ri’s stylish and top-tier wardrobe has really caught everyone’s attention. From the shy researcher to her sexy ‘femme fatale’ alter-ego, we bring you the best casual and chic outfits of Shin Ha Ri:

1. The “iconic first date” outfit

Who can forget what Shin Ha Ri wore in her iconic “Samantha and Rachel” scene as she played her alter-ego, Shin Geum Hee, for the first time?

This fancy black and white co-ord really did the trick for transforming Shin Ha Ri into a certified chaebol heiress. Partnered with matching BVLGARI earrings and necklace, Kang Tae Mu would never guess she was her employee.

2. The “gossip-girl” outfit

To keep up with her fake persona, Shin Ha Ri wore this cute yet elegant outfit to discuss the details of their fake relationship. We really loved how they added a closed necktie over her white long-sleeves for a more sophisticated look!

3. The “rich-girl” outfit

All the details and glam of this outfit almost made us forget the confrontation happening during this scene. True to her edgy persona, this dress — accompanied by black thigh-high boots — really brings the ‘femme fatale’ vibes into the room!

4. The “girl-boss” outfit

After her first meeting with the CEO, we finally get to see Shin Ha Ri in her own personality. Her style of cropped tweed jacket on top of a powder blue turtleneck and smart trousers is definitely worth a try. This outfit is the perfect balance of stylish and comfortable!

5. The “lucky” outfit

This list wouldn’t be complete without the outfit Shin Ha Ri wore when she and Kang Tae Mu reunited after a year. This dainty combination of white and yellow is the perfect summary of a happy ending for this happy couple.

Business Proposal is a 12-episode rom-com drama and is now streaming on Netflix.

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