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Filipino Doctor Declined Duty After US-Based Filipino Nurse Questioned His Competence

Filipino Doctor Declined Duty After US-Based Filipino Nurse Questioned His Competence


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It is without a doubt that the pandemic has recognized the efforts of everybody in responding to the needs of society, regardless of their occupation — a grocery bagger, security guard, delivery persons, and medical frontliners — all have exhausted their efforts in holding the line in keeping the country in its current state.

Medical doctors have been recognized as one of the modern heroes and hospitals are warzones that host dangers to their total wellbeing. Their unconditional efforts and willingness in stepping into the front lines showed their unwavering commitment to their oath.

However, as human as these medical professionals are, they too have feelings to protect and sanity to care for.

Dr. Bryan Albert Lim, a medical doctor from the Queen City of the South, Cebu City, shared in his Facebook post an unforgettable call that questioned and challenged his profession.

The nurse that reached out to him was a fellow Filipino who desperately needed his help, but the unfortunate experience of Lim didn’t just invalidate his work as a doctor but the entirety of the Philippine healthcare groups and medical training.

“You need to understand that I’m a nurse in the US, and you are merely just a doctor in the Philippines. So, I want to be sure you are competent. I also require you to report to me daily, because God knows how careless 3rd world healthcare workers are,” the Filipino nurse requested.

Lim was caught off guard by the request of the Pinay nurse and respectfully replied, “Please look for another specialist. I don’t think I would pass your criteria.”

The nurse further insisted, “Okay then, give me a number of your most qualified specialist.”

Lim denied the request of the nurse of giving the contact information as it defies privacy.

Left with no choice, the Pinay nurse desperately asked Lim to take care of her ill mother instead, with no reservation or some sort.

“Ikaw na, Doc. No need to send CV (Curriculum Vitae), I trust you na. Ikaw na mag manage sa mother ko,” she begged.

Lim ended their conversation and said, “I apologize hindi ko ata kaya yan, since you said, I am just a doctor from the Philippines.”

In Lim’s experience, he opted to drop his white coat and defended himself not letting a fellow Filipino and medical professional, who is more aware of the job, throw all his years of study, experiences, sleepless nights, money, and most importantly ego to toss it all in the bin.

The last thing that these medical frontliners need is their fellow frontliner pulling them down.

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