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Chance To Transform Your Home With Deerma’s Home Appliances Up To 63% Off On Shopee

Chance To Transform Your Home With Deerma’s Home Appliances Up To 63% Off On Shopee


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Hey, Home buddies! Are you a parent or a working professional dreaming of a more efficient, convenient home life? Deerma can help you out with your house chores — with the most affordable price, delivered directly to your homes!

Founded in 2011, Deerma is your go-to electrical appliance store with affordable prices and modern designs. Through their bestselling vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances, you can enjoy an easier, faster cooking and cleaning experience at home.

The good news is — you can get these products with up to 63% discount through Shopee’s 5.5 Brands Festival from April 26 to May 7.

Shopee’s brand festival offers you a wide range of deals, including up to 50% off Brand bundles, 10% off daily, and free shipping vouchers with PHP 0 minimum spend.

Likewise, Deerma’s Official Store on Shopee will grant you up to 63% off on their products! With just a click on add to cart, enjoy quality home appliances delivered right to your doorstep:

1. Deerma DX700 (Handheld Vacuum Cleaner)

Need a good clean for your carpets, tiled floors, and hardwood without bending and breaking your back? The Deerma DX700 is a handheld vacuum cleaner that will help you easily clean wide areas at home.

Its ergonomic handle and powerful suction enable you to reach every dirt at home without worries, offering you the most practical option for cleaning hard to reach surfaces. The product has a reusable cotton filter and a large capacity dust box to collect dirt for easier disposal.

Enjoy 50% off this product only at Deerma’s Official Store or get this directly at on Shopee.

2. Deerma CM800 (Handheld Vacuum Cleaner)

Cleaning sofas and mattresses might be a rigorous task because of small particles that are hard to see, including mites. If you are looking for the most efficient vacuum to get dirt out, the Deerma CM800 will definitely make cleaning an easy peasy task.

To ensure complete and efficient cleaning of little particles, it combines high temperature, ultraviolet light, strong suction power, and high frequency vibration. It is also designed with a HEPA filter that helps clean the air around the device, as well as special ventilation grills to prevent the product from overheating.

With Shopee, you can get this for 63% off its SRP at the Deerma Official Store or get this directly at on Shopee.

3. Deerma DG20 (Multi-function Cooker Hot Pot)

If you have been looking for a multi-function cooker for your next family or barkada lunch, Deerma DG20 will certainly give you wide options in the most convenient way.

It allows you to choose how you want to cook your food — whether you want it steamed, boiled, or friend. Its 75mm deep pot has space for large meals, perfect for anyone who’s cooking for a group get together.

If you’re into an aesthetic home, its square shaped design will ultimately give your kitchen the retro vibe. Moreover, you can easily clean this after usage thanks to its non-stick pan.

You may purchase this at with a 54% off discount only on Shopee.

Not able to find your must-have appliances? Head on to Deerma’s Official Store on Shopee at and enjoy up to 63% off on products, including shop vouchers.

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