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Beat The Red Days: How To Stay Fashionably Comfy During Your Period

Beat The Red Days: How To Stay Fashionably Comfy During Your Period


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Ladies, the red flag is back again to pay you a visit. Now, all you want to do is lock up inside your room, curl up, and pray to your ancestors that tomorrow the pain will be gone (even though that’s absurd). Oh, and maybe a tub of ice cream to feel a little bit better.

Wouldn’t it be great to stay home in your pajamas as you wait for the worst days of your period to pass? But it’s impossible because you have classes to go to, friends to meet, and important meetings to attend. So now, you must dress up and stay presentable even when you’re feeling icky—and cramping.

Certain clothes and colors become a no-go for ladies when choosing what to wear during their period.

Don’t let the red days beat you and your fashion plans! Remember these fashion tips to stay in style even during your period.

1. Go With The Flow

Most ladies would agree that wearing tight clothes is the worst during period days. Some bodies adapt differently; thus, some experience bloating, severe abdominal cramps, soreness in the chest, and even excessive sweating. Wearing tight clothes can be extra constricting and annoying, plus it will highlight your bloated abdominal area.

Try light and flowy dresses and skirts to give your body more space to move and free up constrictions, especially in the chest and abdominal areas. Dresses and skirts are also a good option as you can add another layer underneath, like spandex shorts, to keep your pad in place and separate your underwear from your dress.

You can pair your dress with a blazer or cropped outer piece to look more professional.

For skirts, you can style them with another loose top tucked inside a shirt. You can also opt for a cropped top so you don’t look too drowned in fabric. Just add some cute jewelry pieces, and you can go anywhere looking perfect.

2. Get High And Get Loose

Not a dress or skirt person? No worries! You can just opt for stretchy or loose high-waisted pants like square pants, stylish joggers, or those with loose-leg cuts.

High-waisted pants are stretchy and comfortable and can hide your bloating around the abdominal area. It’s also loose enough to fit in some inner spandex wear if you’re one with heavy flow and prefer extra protection.

High-waisted loose pants can be paired with many tops, depending on the cut, fabric, and design, so it’s handy to have choices in your closet.

3. Shades Can Shade Your Worries

Some women find it hard to sleep during their period because of cramps, hormonal imbalance, and the fear that they might mess up the sheets. The last one could be your worst nightmare if it’s not your house.

Using shades can be a great way to hide your tired eyes if you’re not in the mood for some glam make-up time. It can also accentuate your face and take attention away from the effects of hormonal imbalance, like bloating caused by crying or stress eating. Hey, it’s the hormones. There’s nothing we can do about that.

4. Cut Some Inch

During red days, abdominal pain can radiate to your whole body, especially in the lower back and the knees. As much as you would love to look all elegant and classy, putting extra work into your legs and feet will only make you feel and look worse. Stilts, in particular, might worsen that lower back and leg pain.

You can opt for mid-heels if you really need elevation. But if you want that comfort in your soles, flats and sneakers are always there. Flats and sneakers would also go well with flowy dresses, loose pants, and shorts.

5. Let The Darkness Take Over

Choose darker shades when choosing your clothes, especially at the bottom. Go for colors like black, navy blue, and dark red that can hide the spot or lessen its visibility. These colors are also great and easy to pair with your accessories and other statement pieces. You never know when things may go south, so being prepared is better than being sorry.

You can always use brighter colors for your top to complement the darker shades. But if you’re feeling daring, white pants are always an option. You go, girl!

6. Nothing Works… Sweats

If you’re not in the mood to mix and match clothes, you can always take the safest route—hoodies and sweats.

Having matching sets of these in your closet can always come in handy when you don’t feel like rummaging through your clothes. They can also work well individually and can give you maximum comfort.

Sweats and hoodies are great if you need to attend classes or when you need to meet a friend. But if it’s in a professional setting, you might want to scroll back up and find something quick.

While it’s great to still look fabulous and chic even on your red days, these are just tips to help you when you’re in a situation where you have no choice but to go out. If you’re feeling your worst, it’s better to listen to your body and stay home.

The “even a period can’t stop me” mindset can only go so much. Period pain is valid, and if you need to rest, rest and wear what makes you comfortable.

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