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Ask The Expert: On Energy-Saving And Air Conditioners

Ask The Expert: On Energy-Saving And Air Conditioners


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Inverters, compressors, freons, portable aircon, centralized aircon, and so much more – Are you overwhelmed with what you need to know in buying the right air conditioner for your home and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here’s a quick guide to all things aircon and energy-savings straight from the expert.



By now, most people have probably heard about inverter technology. It sounds rather technical, but what is it exactly and what does it do for home appliances?

Simply, an inverter is a control circuit that varies electrical frequency. In an air conditioner, the inverter regulates the electric power linearly in accordance with room conditions to achieve comfortable and energy-saving operations. Meanwhile, non-inverter air conditioners only run at a full speed or stop, thus leading to energy waste.

According to Engr. Neil Galero, a product expert from Panasonic Air-Conditioning Philippines, you can compare it to driving a car. You save more fuel when driving on an expressway without stopping compared to driving on a normal road where you need to stop on traffic signs and converging roads.

The same analogy applies to air conditioners. At startup, the inverter runs at maximum power to provide quick cooling. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter maintains efficient operation to minimize changes in temperature. This in turn, prevents wasteful consumption of electricity.

Simply put, inverter air conditioners provide you better energy-efficiency vs non-inverter air conditioners, which leads to electric bill savings.

That’s why more customers now choose inverter appliances for their household.



Aside from energy-efficiency, inverter technology offers more advantages. One of which is the longer lifespan for your appliances.

Motors, especially the compressors running inside your appliance, experience the most stress during startup. Since non-inverter compressors start and stop periodically, they can wear out much earlier than inverter compressors.

With Panasonic appliances that are certified Japan Quality, customers can expect superior quality and reliability. With over 60 years of expertise in air conditioning, Panasonic products are engineered with innovative features that deliver unparalleled comfort, energy-efficiency, and ease of use!

Another benefit of the inverter technology is that it can help reach a set temperature faster when compared to a non-inverter air conditioner.

This is further improved when you have a Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioner. It comes with PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulated Wave) which provide faster cooling at startup compared to conventional inverters.

According to Engr. Neil Galero, conventional inverters may also have rougher control of their compressor’s rotation, whereas Panasonic’s Inverters are more precise and smoother in controlling the rotation speed of the compressor.

He adds that with PAM, Inverter technology increases the power output to accelerate the speed of the compressor, allowing it to deliver strong, cool air at a faster rate. Once the set temperature is reached, PWM stabilizes the rotation speed to maintain a set temperature for constant comfort but still maintaining optimum energy-efficiency.

The unique and patented Inverter technology of Panasonic enables customers to get #PureEnergySavings. At the same time, different types of aircon have this Inverter feature. Panasonic has window type inverter aircon and the split type inverter aircon.

Now, you can enjoy excellent cooling without breaking the bank!



Customers often ask what capacity of air conditioner fits a particular room. According to Engr. Neil Galero, room dimension is important in identifying the best model. The room size determines what horsepower should best fit your need. However, a proper room survey is still the best way for assessment.

With a room survey, the ideal location for the air conditioner can be determined to give the best cooling condition for the room. The room survey also accounts for different heat sources present in the room.

As each room in your home is different, nailing down just one model that you can use in all spaces is nearly impossible. Thankfully, if you get a Panasonic Air Conditioner with ECO+A.I. feature, this dilemma can be resolved. ECO+A.I. feature ensures that your appliance can intelligently balance energy-savings and comfort without any hassles.

Engr. Neil Galero adds, the ECO Mode with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Control automatically learns and judges what is the optimal ECO level based on multiple factors. There’s the room condition (size and ventilation) and the presence of heat sources (sunlight, heat from other appliances, body heat).

Additionally, this feature balances power consumption with the time taken to reach the desired temperature to maintain your comfort with minimal energy waste.

As a result, ECO+A.I. lets you save up to 20% more in energy! That’s a big check for any potential customer.
Homeowners also look for other features that give them big returns. On top of excellent energy-efficiency, Panasonic Air Conditioners have features that ensure optimal air purification.

Panasonic has its patented nanoeTM X technology. This inhibits viruses and bacteria present in the air. More so, this maintenance-free titanium nanoe™ X generator inhibits the novel coronavirus.

This has been verified by Texcell, a global contract research organization. Over 91% of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) activity was inhibited within 8 hours in a 6.7m³ test space.

Finding the perfect air conditioner for your home is quite a task. Even the smallest of details can make a big difference. Find out here how #CareWins every day with Panasonic Air Conditioners:

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