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A Guide: How To Get Philhealth Insurance For Students

A Guide: How To Get Philhealth Insurance For Students


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College students are reminded that they will have to sign up for medical insurance similar to that of Philhealth’s membership, Philhealth’s Vice President Shirley Domingo stated in a press briefing on Thursday.

Department of Health and Commission on Higher Education joint memorandum states that high educational institutions require students that will participate in Face-to-Face classes to have medical insurance that covers Covid-related expenses.

Moreover, this leaves us several questions about joining Philhealth as a student, so let’s be brief about joining Philhealth.


How do students under the age of 21 get insurance?

According to the website and Domingo’s statement, students below 21 years of age will be dependent members, and they will only have to present their updated Member’s Data Record, assuming that they are already registered through their parents or the likes of eligible members that support said students. Otherwise, said students will have to present their birth certificate or any valid I.D’s.

Students that are adopted must present a court degree or resolution of adoption, birth certificate of the adopted child, as well as two valid IDs or documents, from table 1.2 in Table 2 in the presented table.

Students that are stepchildren must present Marriage Certificate between natural parent and stepmother/stepfather, as well as Birth Certificate of the adopted child, or two valid IDs/documents, from table 1.2 and Table 2 in the presented table.

Students that are disabled must present a Medical Certificate from the attending physician stating and describing extent of disability, and Birth Certificate of adopted child or two valid IDs/documents, from table 1.2 in Table 2 in the presented table.

Students with parents 60 years above must present a Birth Certificate of both registrant and parent or two valid I.D’s/documents, from Table 2 in the presented table.

Students with stepparents that are 60 years above must present a Marriage Certificate/Contract between biological parent and stepparent, a Birth Certificate of stepparent from table 1.1, Birth Certificate of a member, or ANY document listed in Table 2 as well as (2) proving relationship of member and biological parent.

Students with adoptive parents that are 60 years or older must present a Court Decree/Resolution of Adoption of member and a Birth Certificate of Adoptive parent or any valid ID or document of adoptive parent listed in table 1.1.


How about students who are 21 years old or older?

Students that will enroll for the premium membership, meaning that they can contribute three percent of their earnings depending on their monthly income, must present two of their PhilHealth Member Registration Form or PMRF and a photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority or local civil registrars or valid IDs, also presented in table 1.1.

Otherwise, students can apply as indigent members, just present a birth certificate or valid IDs, valid documents from the social welfare office that will prove they have no means of income, as well as the applicant’s filled PMRF.

Members will enjoy their benefits until they can prove that they can sustain themselves under the premium category.


If all of the requirements are fixed, what’s next?

Once all the documents are appropriated, proceed to your local Philhealth branch, and present the required documents to receive your MDR and Philhealth ID.

Applicants may also accomplish the acquisition of membership through Philhealth’s online registration, providing new members with step-by-step instructions on getting registered.

Applying for Philhealth’s membership is free but you will have to contribute depending on your contribution plan.

The mode of contribution comes in four options: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual.

Now that the alert level’s down to one, either option for getting insured will depend on your convenience, so if you plan on acquiring documents from Philhealth, remember to plan ahead and visit the facility as early as possible.

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