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6 Things You Should Know If You Want To Be A Fansite

6 Things You Should Know If You Want To Be A Fansite


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Fans always dream of meeting and getting close to their idols, even once in their life, and K-pop fans are not an exception to that.

Most K-pop fans, like any other fans, want to be able to have an interaction with their idols, but of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a chance. But, then we have the fansite masters.

Like the English definition of a fansite, it’s usually a dedicated website for celebrities made by fans. However, in the K-pop fandom lingo, fansites can refer to the masters themselves.

Fansites are always the fans to envy for multiple reasons. One, they always see the idols up close. Two, they get to have a chance to interact with them sometimes. There are times when idols talk to fansites and even borrow their cameras. Lastly, fansites are often remembered by idols because of their interaction with them.

For these reasons, many K-pop fans are dreaming and thinking about becoming a fansite. But, becoming a fansite is not as easy as one might think. That’s why we tried to list down some of the things you should know about if you want to be a fansite:

1. You must have a website.

Like the original meaning of the word “fansite” suggests, fans should originally have a website dedicated to their idols. This is where photos are usually and exclusively posted. Some fansite websites have membership options that let you view more high-quality pictures of the idols. There are also websites that post about their merchandise or projects and even let you interact with other fans.

However, websites are not really the most practical for other fan sites these days; instead, others open a dedicated social media account specifically for an idol.

So, if you’re thinking you want to be a fansite but don’t have or don’t want to build a website for it, you can always opt to open a new social media account. The most popular social media platforms for fansites nowadays are Twitter and Weibo.

2. You must have photographic gear.

After setting up where you want to post the pictures of your idols you took, you want to make sure you have the right tools to actually get you started.

Fansites use professional photography equipment like DSLR cameras and professional zoom lenses. Carrying them has been the signature look of a fansite.

If you really want to be one, you need to have one of these to make sure you’re on par with other fansites. It also assures you of having those high-quality photos of your oppa.

3. You must have knowledge of photography.

When you are expected to take pictures like a pro with equipment of pros, of course, you should know the most basic knowledge in photography. After all, you won’t be able to take the best photos if you don’t actually know what you’re doing, even with all the fancy equipment.

4. You must be present all the time.

One of the most important things about being a fansite is his or her attendance and attention to the idol’s activities. Fansites dedicate most of their time to their idols. They make sure to attend all of the activities as much as possible.

Most fansites barely miss any activities, especially before the pandemic when every fanmeet is face-to-face. You can even find fansites at concerts outside their home country with their big cameras even though their cameras are not actually allowed at the venues.

So, if you have a job with an inflexible schedule, you might need to reconsider becoming a fansite or find a job with a more flexible work schedule.

5. You must respect your artist’s privacy.

With fansites being known to be always present at an idol’s every activity, some go overboard. When some fans forget and/or can’t differentiate an idol’s work hours from private moments, they technically become sasaengs, a word the K-pop fandom uses to describe obsessive fans turned stalkers.

Fansites that lurk around the idols outside their activities are violating the idol’s privacy. If you want to become a fansite, you must know when to show up and follow your idols around.

6. You must have money, a lot of it.

The last but not the least on this list is money. Every fan needs to have money at some point in their fangirling/fanboying lives, but when you’re a fansite, you’ll need lots of it.

Starting from the camera and type of lens/es you’ll need, you’ll probably need to spend around 70 thousand to a hundred thousand pesos. Adding to that are the expenses you’ll incur just to attend every single event or activity of your idols. Some of it might even be overseas.

But that’s not all! Fansites are known to give a generous number of gifts to their idols. Mind you, these gifts are not just letters and anything cutesy. There are some gifts that come from luxury and well-known brands that could cost a hundred thousand pesos each.

Despite that quite large amount of expenses, fansites can also earn money by adding a membership feature to their sites and/or creating idol merchandise using the pictures they shot. However, the earnings wouldn’t be that big, but they can come in handy as an added income source.

To summarize the list, becoming a fansite needs a lot of work. If you thought that being a fansite is only all fun and perks and easy. Well, there isn’t really anything in this world that’s easy, but the important thing is that you’re enjoying what you do.

At the end of the day, whether you become a fansite or not, your worth as a fan doesn’t change. Fans are more than being able to meet your idols up close and being able to interact with them. It’s more about appreciating their work and respecting them as human beings.

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