Wacoal: Empowering Filipino Women For 30 Years

Philippine Wacoal Corporation has been making Filipino women feel beautiful for thirty
years now. President Ann Christine Palisoc shares, “It’s been a true honor taking part in
positively impacting the Filipinas’ mindset by teaching them to confidently love their
bodies, whatever their shape, size, or age.” She adds, “When you feel confident on the
inside, this manifests through a beautiful glow on the outside. Confidence is beauty.”
It was in 1989 when the company launched in the Philippines, offering their premium
and elegant lace bras from Japan. Wacoal later took the market by storm with the now
legendary T-shirt Bra. Since then, this no-nonsense classic has been a staple in every
Filipina’s wardrobe. Already a brand that is synonymous with quality and excellence in
women’s undergarment fashion, it is trusted by Filipinas and women all over the world.

This is because Wacoal not only offers durable and top-notch products but also superior
customer service.

The steady climb to success

The company has had its share of challenges brought about by the various financial
crises that rocked the local and global economy. But due to its stable finances and
prudent practices, Philippine Wacoal Corporation has not just survived, but also
flourished, with steady year on year growth.

Palisoc shares, “When we started, it was a real struggle with the department stores who
expected us to offer discounts. But through constant communication, they began to
understand our brand values. The superior quality of the products spoke for themselves
and today, the department stores have become valuable business partners with
relationships based on trust.”

Asked what Philippine Wacoal Corporation’s key to success has been, Palisoc has this
to share: “Understanding the woman’s body backed by scientific study is the key to the
company’s success.” She emphasizes, “This success has been the result of the brand’s
core value of creating innovative and highly functional and comfortable products that
enhance and beautify all individual body types.”

Aging exquisitely with Wacoal

For the last 40 years Wacoal Human Science Research Center in Japan has been
studying an estimated 40,000 women worldwide, ranging in age from nine to 60 years
old, closely monitoring how their bodies change during these various stages. Wacoal
believes that it is crucial to select a bra that not only fits in terms of size but also
corresponds to changes in shape and softness of the breasts as brought about by
aging. Through this constant study of the woman’s changing body, Wacoal has become
the woman’s partner in aging exquisitely.

To ensure that each woman purchases the bra that perfectly fits, Wacoal has
designated beauty advisers who have become key in expertly measuring each
customer and offering personalized advice based on their unique body type. During
these private consultations, even the most tedious detail is considered, such as the bust
point distance, not just the breast size or body shape.

Such extraordinary and sincere customer service has enhanced Wacoal’s brand image
known for its premium price justified by consistent value, quality, durability, and utmost

From these in-depth scientific studies, Wacoal has likewise expanded their product lines
to ensure that each woman’s unique needs are addressed. These include Sorci-age by
Wacoal, Gococi, and Mood, its contemporary travel line. These innovative new products
apply research-based technology, which are revolutionizing the customer’s experience
in terms of comfort, design, and fashion. No wonder, every body loves Wacoal.

Giving back

As a progressive company, Philippine Wacoal Corporation contributes to society
through their breast cancer and environmental awareness advocacies as well as by
providing business and employment opportunities—all while teaching women to be
confident and comfortable with their individual personalities and body types.
Through their Keep Abreast program in partnership with Gift2Life, Inc. and Soroptimist
International of Ortigas & Environs they hope to raise breast cancer awareness and
educate communities by advocating early detection. To further support women, Wacoal
boutiques (stand-alone stores) provide Remamma, a line of bras for breast cancer
warriors who have undergone a mastectomy. These boutiques offer the privacy and
personalized service for all women looking to find the perfect fit unique to their individual
body shape. Wacoal proudly advocates inclusivity as well, offering plus sizes catering to
all size ranges.

On top of this, the company spearheads socially relevant programs such as their bra
recycling campaign. Doing their part to raise environmental awareness, Wacoal collects
pre-loved bras and delivers these to a recycling facility in Cebu which turns them into
fluff fuel which is a more eco-friendly type of fuel.

Through the years, the company has been a staunch supporter of all women as they
continue to affirm their place in today’s society.

Since its beginnings three decades ago, Wacoal is now distributed nationwide in 61
department store counters (throughout the SM Group, Landmark, Rustan’s, Metro
Gaisano, Sta. Lucia, and Island City Mall in Bohol), eight direct sales offices (three in
Metro Manila, and one in Pampanga, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro), six
boutiques (Robinson’s Place, Manila; Grand Canal, McKinley Hill; Makati Circuit; U.P.
Town Quezon City, Vertis North and SM Seaside City in Cebu) and three online stores.

The next 30 years

What lies ahead for Philippine Wacoal Corporation?

Palisoc enthusiastically shares, “Our focus is to grow the boutique business and further
elevate the brand image by providing more exciting premium product lines and even
better customer service.” She adds, “Better customer service means improving one’s
total experience, from better facilities offering more comfort and privacy to better
communication with our beauty advisers.”

According to Palisoc, beauty advisers receive regular training through workshops,
seminars and sales rallies as well as incentives such as local and foreign trips to keep
them excited about the business.

“As front liners, our beauty advisers arm us with invaluable feedback about our
customers’ experience and such feedback is given much weight and relevance as we
continue to innovate and design new products,” Palisoc says.

In the next years to come, you can expect Philippine Wacoal Corporation to continue to
offer high quality functional and comfortable products but in addition to this, even more
premium products featuring elegance and comfort while consistently enhancing the
beauty of the woman’s body. You can also watch out for more exciting new product
lines including lingerie, men’s underwear, and more activewear for women.