Revamped PNP Officials To Undergo 3-Month Probationary Period

Philippine National Police (PNP) officer-in-charge, Lieutenant General Archie Gamboa said that 22 high-ranking officials included in a major revamp will undergo a three-month probationary period.

“Beginning today, all key positions are under probation for three months, and all promotions will be on hold. I will make sure the axe will fall where it should if these leaders will not deliver results,” Gamboa told reporters after Monday’s flag ceremony in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

“Sigurado tayo na may pagbabago sa three months (I am sure there will be changes in three months). (This is) for them to show that they deserve the position,” he added.

On Sunday, Gamboa ordered a revamp of PNP senior officials following the retirement of some senior officers as well as due to the order of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“I have ordered the massive revamp beginning at the National Headquarters down to the Regional levels. We expect fresh ideas, fresh enthusiasm and fresh resolve from commanders at all levels to carry their share of weight in our campaign against illegal drugs,” he said.

He stressed that all leaders must take full responsibility for the implementation of all law enforcement campaigns and each one will strictly be held accountable on what his/her unit does or fails to do.

As an Officer In Charge, Gamboa does not have the power to implement such movement but was given such authority by the National Police Commission (Napolcom).

Gamboa also approved the movements based on the endorsement of the PNP Senior Officers Placement and Promotions Board.

He said that by January 21, 2020, the PNP will re-evaluate all those who were assigned in new positions.

He added the Integrity Monitoring Enforcement Group and the Regional and Provincial Directors, as well as the Chiefs of Police, must take the lead in rooting out misfits and corruption, including in the campaign against illegal drugs. “I expect no less,” Gamboa said.

Gamboa admitted that the recent controversy involving the PNP has shaken the institution at its core, including displeasure from the President, and has casted doubts on the PNP’s capability and resolve to serve and protect the people.

“Indeed, these are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures not only to protect the significant gains we’ve achieved in our campaign against crime, illegal drugs and corruption, but also to bring it to its next level from the insights we’ve learned from our tumultuous experience,” he said.

“Once again, we assure our people that the PNP remains on track with renewed vigor to reform itself into the ideal shape to fight crime, illegal drugs and corruption. We cannot do this alone. We need all the help we can muster to win and to achieve a safer and more secured community every Filipino truly deserves,” he noted.

Gamboa also said that all PNP personnel should serve the public with a smile and with utmost courtesy because “we are public servants”.

“All personnel should render salute to superior officers and show utmost respect. All leaders should look after the welfare of their men. Tamang bihis (proper attire) will be strictly enforced with corresponding stiffer penalties for infractions. All PNP personnel must not tolerate lawlessness or disorder and must be tough against criminals without fear or favor,” he said. (PNA)