Wednesday, April 21, 2021

“Inspiring: Former Water Refiller, Now A Doctor”

“Inspiring: Former Water Refiller, Now A Doctor”


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If being in a ‘white collar’ job needs to be working physically demanding jobs that would juggle you from work to studies, would you even dare to try? Well, take the story from Dr. Rommel Abellar Amos who started to be a water refiller now a Doctor of Medicine –not a real quick career level-up story but at least he tried.

The doctor during his unstable years could only afford to dream of getting a college degree, but now he was one of the 1,234 who has recently passed the March 2021 Physician Licensure Exam.

From humble beginnings, the doctor from Eastern Samar called himself “The Poor MD,” and this was when the inspiring story of the 37-year-old started. Being born to be financially unfortunate made him to double his effort and meant hustling the odd jobs before he became a successful nurse, then a doctor.

“Let us just treat poverty as a challenge, not an obstacle. I think that my humble beginnings were very deliberate, and I’m grateful for them because I’m not sure I would see my achievements the same way if they handed them to me. So I EARNED them,” the new doctor shared on Facebook.

In his post, he listed the jobs he had juggled before becoming a licensed Doctor:

1st Water Refiller at Mega P&F Water Station in 2005
2nd Merchandiser at SM San Lazaro Supermarket in 2006
3rd Marketing Assistance at SYM Motors in 2007
4th Sales Clerk at SM Megamall in 2008
5th Assistance Baker at RDA Bakery in 2017

Through his hard work, focus, and determination, he was able to complete three courses and earn three professions:

1st Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Nativity of Our Lady College Seminary
2nd Bachelor Science in Nursing at St. Jude College Manila
3rd Doctor of Medicine at Cagayan State University

Once he wrote in his Rx (a medical prescription), “Success has a way of finding the right people who are worthy of it. To be successful means to earn it. Do not just dream about it, but also work hard and smart for it. Even if it takes a lot of time, the end goal will be worth the effort you’ve put into achieving it.”

Giving back his success to his comrades and fellow natives, the “Poor MD” is now working at Borongan City Health Office.


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