Injury, Weight, Debt And Pregnancy Are What Travel Brings You Says China Airlines Ad

This ad from China Airlines titled ‘What Travel Brings You’ is currently trending online. It’s unlike any other travel ads that look glamorous, fun and relaxing. It’s not also about scenic places and once in a lifetime adventures. But it surprisingly worked!

This dark and cheeky ad depicted “new knowledge, new experiences, or even a whole new life” gained after traveling according to a statement from China Airlines. A man brought home a leg injury after snowboarding in Hokkaido. Another man unexpectedly got a large tulips tattoo in Holland. A woman got chubbier and can longer fit into her old jeans. It was very humorous but at the same time sad.

Everything gets more dreadful if you bring back debt and possibly bankruptcy from gambling in Macau and shopping in New York. “There [are] more profound things coming back with you,” says the caption of the video uploaded in YouTube.

For those who didn’t quite understand the “Brought from Seoul” scene, the joke stems from South Korea, which is dubbed as the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World. The woman doesn’t look like her ID anymore.

“You never know what travel will bring to your life,” says the closing copy.

Indeed, international trips can have unexpected consequences. While not everything is sad because sometimes you can bring back a new boyfriend, it gets darker if you unexpectedly bring back a stranger as a new wife or husband from Las Vegas. And it’s darker still if it’s a positive pregnancy test from Gold Coast.

The “What Travel Brings You” ad from China Airlines is developed by agency Leo Burnett Taiwan.

Photo credit: China Airlines