Saturday, October 16, 2021

Filipino Humanitarian Engineer Turns Traumatic Past Into A Resilient Future

Filipino Humanitarian Engineer Turns Traumatic Past Into A Resilient Future


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Harold Aquino, a Filipino Humanitarian and Resilience Engineer, shared his strenuous and promising journey in giving another hope to tremendously affected people of certain calamities or disasters.

The resilient engineer opens his book of life to the Pinoy Scientists official website and tells his inspiring story of how he ended up working for communities and rebuilding their lives.

Engineer Aquino was an Assistant Professor at the UP Diliman Institute of Civil Engineering and currently, he is a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Disaster Resilience, Recovery and Reconstruction (CDRRR) of the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

His work epitomizes venturing out to catastrophe-stricken regions, working with and for communities to assist them to recuperate and rebuild from the impacts of disasters, and co-creating knowledge and feasible solutions towards developing resilience.

He graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman and continued his doctoral degree at the University of Auckland. Aside from reaching out to people, he is also fond of playing instruments and singing.

His interest in disaster research and serving the public developed from his traumatic experience back in 1990.

“I have my long-standing, deep hugot why I’m so into disaster research. I was standing on my mom’s office table on the 9th floor of SSS Main Office in Quezon City when there was this sudden strong shaking; my mom and I then hid under the table. That was my earliest childhood recollection and it was the 1990 Luzon earthquake that caused the collapse of the Hyatt Hotel. That’s what continues to drive me to strive towards disaster resilience.” he reiterated.

His story and life-changing experiences are indeed an eye-opener to many that science is also a venue to serve the people and change the world for the better.


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