Why You Should Start Listening To Podcasts

As defined by Merriam-Webster, a podcast is a program made available in digital format. You.

Applying Mascara, Male Bloggers Challenge Russia Gender Norms

Gevorg brushes mascara onto his already long, dark lashes before dabbing highlighter above his cheekbones.

Why I Started To Become More Loving And Comfortable Of My Own Skin

Growing up, I was never really fond of my skin color. The harder pill to.

Pole Dancing: Improving Fitness and Building Confidence

Pole dancing used to be something people only associated with strip clubs or sexy films..

Navigating Through The Rain

The rainy season. A time where travel will be the most difficult because of the.

Philosophising The Meaning Of Narratives In Life

In Philosophy’s undying pursuit of meaning, another variable in need of evaluation and probing is.

Rigged Baggage Scales At Philippine Airlines?

In a video posted last Saturday, June 29, American musician David DiMuzio discovered that the.

The Fear Of Being Seen Alone

Walking through hallways, going to the bathroom, having lunch, or even just waiting for someone.

Why Cong. Mocha Uson Did Not Happen

In 2014 before her bid to the presidency, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago proclaimed that social.

Is Being “Just Friends” Really Possible?

Bieber said it in 2010: we’re just friends, what are you sayin’? Then his first.