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Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Good Samaritan Was Discovered In A Grocery Store In MNL


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A good samaritan once again emerges in the midst of crisis!

In a viral Facebook post by Lane Blackwater, she shared a series of candid photos captioned with what she overheard while grocery shopping in a grocery store.

Good samaritan in Landmark. ❤️While everyoneelse was hoarding like hell (yung tipong punong-puno ang mga big carts)…

Posted by Lane Blackwater on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Lane recounted that while everyone was busy panic-buying, she overheard this “nice young lady” insisting to pay for a fellow customer’s groceries. “Manong was reluctant pa pero sa matagalang pagpilit sa kanya, napapayag din siya. Umalis siya saglit at kumuha ng dalawang piraso ng bread. So sabi ni girl na, “yan lang po kinuha nyo? Kuha pa po kayo. Dagdagan nyo pa po, ako po ang magbabayad. (The man was reluctant at first but gave in after being insisted many times. He left to get a few more items and got two loaves of bread. So the girl said, “Is that all? Get some more, I’ll pay for it.”)

“So Manong left again to get few more items habang si girl ay binulungan ang kasama nya to get more items like colgate and the likes… di ko na masyadong sinilip ang mga nilalagay nila kasi nahiya na rin naman ako. 😅” (When he went to get more products, the lady’s companion whispered that they get more items for the guy.)

“Pagdating ni Manong, nagulat na lang siya sa dami ng laman ng basket nya. Makikitang happy and overwhelmed na rin si Manong. (When he returned, he saw the contents of his basket and was happy and overwhelmed.)”

“In the end, pati yung ibang nasa counter na customer ay nagbigay na rin ng konti-konting items like Spam and etc. (na they paid) kay Manong at may nag-offer pa na sila na magbabayad ng mga items ni Manong(In the end, even fellow customers from other counters went ahead and gave various items to the man.),” the post concluded.

Despite the current crisis that the world is facing, it’s really inspiring that there are still selfless people walking on it. Aside from the proper precautionary measures that we are currently observing, let’s not forget that restricting resources for our fellow citizens (through panic-buying and the likes) somehow let’s them be more prone to the virus as well.

Photo Source: Lane Blackwater Facebook

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