10 Unforgettable K-Drama Kisses That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

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If you’ve been a long time K-Drama fan, you’d know about the awkwardly prolonged kissing scenes that were prevalent in old K-Dramas, it was as if the characters became frozen with lips locked only to be backed up by effects.

But times have changed, gone are the days of boring K-Drama kisses and now we are blessed with attention-grabbing scenes that just makes our heart flutter from the extreme kilig. Here are 10 unforgettable K-drama kisses.

1. Descendants of the Sun – Car Kiss

This scene from the hit drama Descendants of the Sun definitely looked romantic as Yoo Si-Jin and Kang Myeon pulled in for a kiss while riding off to the sunset.

Doesn’t that sound so much like a fairy tale? Despite the bumpy ride, it did not at all stop the heat of the moment.

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