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10 Hidden Gems In The Philippines

10 Hidden Gems In The Philippines


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Hidden gems in the Philippines are remarkable and outstanding places that not many people go to. In this list, some popular places could be included. However, we will still consider them as a “hidden gem” because despite the place’s popularity in the media, it still remains unspoiled by tourists. Inaccessibility by location and by the average tourist’s budget, and security issues are some factors why these hidden gems remain unchecked in many bucket lists.

1. Tawi-Tawi

Tawi-Tawi is the southernmost province of the Philippines. It’s predominantly a Muslim region and its image is painted by negative news of kidnapping and civil wars in the media. However, the daily lifestyle in Tawi-Tawi is much more peaceful than The Metro if we would compare crime rates.

Tawi-Tawi is home to unexploited beaches, unexplored dive sites, unmapped mountains and to the first mosque in the country in the country located in Simunul Island. Things to do in tawi-tawi include diving at Sanga-Sanga Reef, spelunking at Bolobok Cave, trekking Bud Bongao, experiencing the local culture and cuisine of Badjaos among many others.

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